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Kingdom Rush Hacked

Kingdom Rush is a defense game (Armor Game) that has quite a lot of fans. Many people made ​​anxious to finish the game Kingdom Rush till completion of all levels, even many of those who deliberately play premium level.

A player who are good and are used to play games like this armor would be completed easily permaian Kingdom Rush to complete all levels. It will be different with inexperienced players who play online games like this. The solution, they usually use any cheat to make it easier though certainly less interesting and less challenging.

Any game (online games, offline games, pc games, play station games) would be easily solved with the help of cheat, including Kingom Rush game. By using Cheat Kingdom Rush players of any level will be easy to finish the game quickly.

For those of you who want to complete all the levels in Kingdom Rush does not need to use a cheat, because ana some sites that provide online permaina Kingdom Rush has been hacked, for example or You can try one of these sites.

At the first site (, you will get extra points (gold) each time you build defenses such as Barracks, Archer Tower, Mages, or Dwarven Bombard . Players do not have to worry about losing money because it will be getting bigger each time to build defenses.

At the second site (, early in the game, money (gold) owned by the player is a bit like a normal state, but when the player built a defense like the Barracks, Archer Tower, Mazes, or Dwarven Bombard), the money will grow until 9999 and will not be reduced at all even used to build or to upgrade.

By playing Kingdom Rush Hacked, you are guaranteed to be a winner and be able to complete all the levels. Happy playing! Hopefully fun.

Plants Vs Zombies 2

Plants Vs Zombies 2
Games Plant Vs Zombies 2 is an improvement over the previous game (Plant Vs Zombies 1). In the second version, players can create characters zombies as they wish with the options provided. The rules of Plant VS Zombies 2 is exactly same as the previous version where players must be able to withstand the zombies walk in a certain path to the limit, so the zombies can not get into the house and eat the brain.

The primary key of the game is a collection of sun early in the game. Players have to be good as soon as possible to collect sunlight in order to grow crops that can shoot or destroy zombies. The more sunlight is collected at the beginning of the game, the more quickly the defense can be built. One important thing, do not get too focused collect sunlight but also note that appeared Zombies. Create a balance between the collection of sunlight and plant-crushing Zombies. At the beginning of the game you should plant a crop of low-cost crushing zombies (requires a little amount of sunlight).

There are five game modes in Plants Vs Zombies yatiu: Adventure, Mini-Games, Puzzle, Survival, and Zen Garden. Each game mode has a special feature that is different from the other game modes.

  1. Adventure
    Adventure mode is the primary mode of Plants vs. Zombies, pitting you and your planting prowess against the hordes of the undead who hunger for both your brains and your real estate. In this mode, Zombie attacks come in five stages of 10 levels.

  2. Mini-Games
    Mini-games are unlocked once you receive the present in the middle of level 3-2 in Adventure mode. Access the mini-games by clicking the "Mini-Games" button on the Main Menu gravestone.
    When you first unlock the mode, only three mini-games can be played. Once you complete Adventure mode, the remaining mini-games become available but are locked. Each time you finish a mini-game, a new one is unlocked.

    There are twenty mini-games in total. They are: ZomBotany, Wall-nut Bowling, Slot Machine, It's Raining Seeds, Beghouled, Invisi-ghoul, Seeing Stars, Zombiquarium, Beghouled Twist, Big Trouble Little Zombie, Portal Combat, Column Like You See 'Em, Bobsled Bonanza, Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick, Whack a Zombie, Last Stand, ZomBotany 2, Wall-nut Bowling 2, Pogo Party, and Dr. Zomboss's Revenge.

    You receive a diamond ($1000) for each mini-game you complete. Mini-games can be replayed at any time; completing them again awards 5 gold coins ($250) each time. Each time you play a mini-game, there is also a chance zombies will drop plants for your Zen Garden.

  3. Puzzle
    Puzzle mode is unlocked once you receive the present in the middle of level 4-6 in Adventure mode. Access the puzzles by clicking the "Puzzle" button on the Main Menu gravestone. There are two kinds of puzzle: Vasebreaker and I, Zombie.

    In Vasebreaker, your lawn is filled with varying numbers of vases. Break the vases to reveal either plants or zombies, then use the plants to destroy the zombies. There are ten Vasebreaker levels. They are: Vasebreaker, To the Left, Third Vase, Chain Reaction, M is for Metal, Scary Potter, Hokey Pokey, Another Chain Reaction, Ace of Vase and Vasebreaker Endless. You receive 5 gold coins ($250) for each Vasebreaker level you complete. Subsequent completions earn 2 gold coins ($100).

  4. Survival
    Survival mode is unlocked once you complete Adventure mode. Access Survival mode by clicking the "Survival" button on the Main Menu gravestone. In Survival mode you must fight off zombie waves of ever-increasing difficulty. After each wave or "flag" you are given the opportunity to re-choose your plants to bolster your defense.

     There are 11 survival levels. They are:
    1. Survival: Day
    2. Survival: Night
    3. Survival: Pool
    4. Survival: Fog
    5. Survival: Roof
    6. Survival: Day (Hard)
    7. Survival: Night (Hard)
    8. Survival: Pool (Hard)
    9. Survival: Fog (Hard)
    10. Survival: Roof (Hard)
    11. Survival: Pool (Endless)

    Regular Survival levels are 5 flags, hard Survival levels are 10 flags, and the Endless Survival level is as many flags as you can manage. You receive a diamond ($1000) for each Survival level you complete. Subsequent completions earn 5 gold coins ($250).

  5. Zen Garden
    Zen Garden is unlocked once you complete level 5-4 in Adventure mode. Access the Zen Garden by clicking the "Zen Garden" watering can on the Main Menu.

    Zen Garden is a stress-free mode where you store the various plant gifts you receive while replaying Adventure mode or playing the Mini-game, Puzzle or Survival modes. Keep your plants happy by watering them, fertilizing them, spraying them for bugs and playing music for them. If your plants are happy, they will spit out coins. As you earn more money you can buy more plants as well as treats for your plants and Zen Garden additions that allow you to display your nighttime and aquatic plant collection.

    Once you buy the Tree of Wisdom from Crazy Dave's Shop, you can access it from the Zen Garden. The Tree of Wisdom offers helpful game hints and sage, botanical advice on living.
(PopCap Games)

Plants Vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies
Plants VS Zombies is a type tower defense game like Kingdom Rush. It was developed and published at the first time by PopCap Game on May 5, 2009. Plants Vs Zombies which was designed by George Fan can be played on any platforms and on any devices such as Microsoft Windows, Mac Os, Android, iPad, iPhone/Pod Touch, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone 7, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Play Station, XBox 360 and Xbox LIVE.

There are battle 26 types of zombies with 49 zombie-zapping plants. In This game players must place plants and fungi to stop a horde of zombies from eating the brains of the residents. There are different type of plants and fungi which each has own unique offensive or defensive capabilities. The playing field is divided into a number of horizontal lanes, and with rare exceptions, a zombie will only move towards the player's house along one lane (the main exception is if it has taken a bite out of a garlic). Most plants can only attack or defend against zombies in the lane they are planted in. In later levels, players can purchase upgrades so as to adapt their lawn mower to new environments like pools or rooftops. (Wikipedia)

Players will be the winner if none of zombies coming to the homeowner and instead the player will lose if a zombie can get into the house and eat the brain. This is where players have to think how to win easily. To play Plants VS Zombies is not as difficult as Crussader Stronghold game or Age of Empires II The Conquerors that require careful strtategi. In this game, players just have to grow plants and fungi that have been previously selected in accordance with their respective prices.

There are some zombie hordes in every round were divided into innings. Zombies capability is increasing and more and more on each round. Thing that must be considered by player is the amount of sunlight as a source of power or price. Sun light will automatically come out any time, Planting sunflowers to accelerate the birth of the sun.

Plants vs. Zombies can be played offline or online. If you intend to play this game online can directly visit PopCap Games. But if you prefer to play this game offline on your PC, you can buy it at a price of $ 19.95 or by downloading the trial version which can be played for 60 minutes.

There are several modes or types of games on Plants Vs Zombies are Adventure, Mini-Games, Puzzle, and Survival. Players can upgrade the plant, fungus, or other equipment by going to the Shop menu. For example sunflower (50 points of sunlight) if upgraded will produce two suns (150 point of sunlight).

21 Tips and Hints of Kingdom Rush

Below are twenty-one tips and hints that you should learn when you play Kingdom Rush game to easily block the enemy so that you can win the game.
  1. Enemies and soldier with armor receives less damage
  2. Support Barracks with range Towers to maximize enemy exposure
  3. Reinforcements are a great way to split enemy forces
  4. Artillery works best against high concentration of enemies
  5. Artillery damage is highest in the center of the explosion 
  6. Use Reinforcements constantly to slow and damage the enemy
  7. Always aim rain of fire a little ahead of your target
  8. With the Salvage upgrade you can sell Archer Towers with on of 10% of lost
  9. Magic damage is the best way to deal with armored enemies
  10. Flying enemies can not be blocked by barracks and won't be targeted by most Artillery
  11. Enemies with magic resistance receive less damage from magic attack
  12. Adjust the Rally point of Soldiers to create better strategies
  13. Sometime it is better to build more Towers instead of upgrading a few
  14. Poison damage ignores armor
  15. Upgrading Barracks instantly trains new Soldiers
  16. Calling an early wave gives bonus cash and reduce spell cooldown a bit
  17. Artillery Explosion can damage flying enemies although they can not target them directly
  18. Use Barracks or Reinforcements to isolate troublesome enemies
  19. Barbarians with the right upgrades are capable of dealing flying enemies
  20. Earth elemental are very tough and deal area damage every time they strike
  21. You can uses key [1] and key [2] to select spells

Kingdom Rush Maps

Kingdom Rush Maps
Each level of Kingdom Rush game provided a different map with different locations to build forces (Barracks, Towers, Wizards, and Artillery). Among Kingdom Rush maps are one way, the fork way (with intersections), and the circle towards one direction with the branches, so that the enemy can come out from different places. In addition, there is a map that has a road and caves so when the enemies entered the cave, then they will come out of the other cave.

Atmosphere sights on any map in Kingdom Rush also differ as forest with lots of trees, snow, and a volcano. The following are Kingdom Rush's maps that you will find when playing it:
Kingdom Rush Maps
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Kingdom Rush Upgrades

Kingdom Rush Upgrades
When we play Kingdom Rush, enemy troop strength continues to increase, including the endurance and the attacking troops. In addition, their shapes and their names are also different and should be hamstrung by different methods.

So use the right techniques of war with an effective force that the enemy does not get past the allowed boundaries. Not appropriate if the bats were confronted with Paladin, otherwise if troops from barracks are upgraded to Throwing Axe Man, it can be used against flying bats or other flying enemy forces. Similarly to other forces which are effective only if confronted with magic (not by force arrows on the tower). Therefore, so that we can upgrade the troops, we should use the points available to the right in order to strengthen the forces required.

Here are descriptions of six items that can upgrade on Kingdom Rush game :  Towers, Barracks, Wizards, Artillery, Meterors, and Farmers (Reinforcements). Each of these items has five levels of upgrades with a certain amount of points.

Tower (Archer Tower)
  1. Salvage (1 point)
    Marksmen Towers returns 90% of value when sold.
  2. Eagle Eyes (1 point)
    Increases Marksmen attack range
  3. Piercing Shots (2 points)
    Piercing Shots ignore a portion of the enemy's physical armor
  4. Far Shots (2 points)
    Increases Marksmen attack range
  5. Precision (3 points)
    Marksmen attack have a chance of dealing double damage
  1. Toughness Training (1 point)
    Barracks train soldiers with more health
  2. Better Armor (1 point)
    Barracks train soldiers with improved armor
  3. Improved Deployment ( 2 points)
    Increases rally point range and reduces soldier training time
  4. Endurance Training ( 2 points)
    Barracks train soldiers with even more health
  5. Spiked Armor (3 point)
    When attacked, soldiers spiked armor return A% of the damage received to the attackers (this upgrade also affects Reinforcements)
Wizards (Mages)
  1. Spell Reach (1 point)
    Increases Wizard's attack range
  2. Arcane Shatter (1 point)
    Magic attack destroy a portion of enemy physical armor on every hit
  3. Hermetic Study (2 points)
    Mage towers construction and upgrading costs are reduced by 10% 
  4. Empowered Magic (2 points)
    Increases Wizard's attack damage
  5. Slow Curse (3 points)
    Magic attack slows enemies by half their speed for a moment
Artillery (Dwarven Bombard)
  1. Concentrated Fire ( 1point)
    Increases Artillery attack damage
  2. Range Finder (1 point)
    Increases Artillery attack range
  3. Field Logistic (3 point)
    Artillery construction and upgrading costs are reduced by 10%
  4. Industrialization (3 point)
    Artillery special abilities costs are reduced by 25%
  5. Smart Targeting (3 points)
    Artillery Suffer no reduction of splash and chain lighting damage
Meteor (Fire from Sky)
  1. Blazing Skies (1 point)
    Adds 2 additional meteors and increases meteor damage
  2. Scorched Earth (1 point)
    Meteor set the ground on fire burning enemies over it for 5 seconds
  3. The Fast and Furious (2 points)
    Increasing meteor damage, explosion radius by 25%, and reduce cooldown by 10 seconds
  4. Blazing Earth (2 points)
    Double damage and duration of scorched earth and reduced cooldown by 10 seconds
  5. Cataclysm (3 points)
    Increasing meteor damage and rains additional meteors at random locations all over the battlefield
 Farmers (Reinforcements)
  1. Well Fed ( 2 points)
    Well Fed Farmers have additional health and deal a little more damage
  2. Conscripts (3 points)
    Conscripts have more health and are better equipped
  3. Warriors (3 points)
    Warriors have even more health and are excellently equipped
  4. Legionnaires (3 points)
    Legionnaires have and wear the best equipment
  5. Spear Throw (4 points)
    Gives Legionnaires a spear throw attack that cat target ground and flying enemies

Tips and Tricks Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush
Fans of Kingdom Rush game created by Game Studio with Ironhide is increasing. This tower defense game is very unique and interesting to play. The main goal of the game is to prevent the enemy consisting of hordes of orcs, trolls, evil witches and other evil demons beyond the marked area. If a predetermined number of enemies over the edge, then the player declared lost, and conversely if it managed to hold them until the last enemy, then the player wins (victory) and is declared ready to proceed to the next level.

Kingdom Rush can be played offline and online, even now can be played via the Smartphone. If you play it offline then you can not save the game unless the cookies are not deleted on your computer. Otherwise, if the game is played online then you can save the game according to the level achieved while playing with the terms notified in advance must register at the official site. If you are interested to play this game online may go directly to At a certain level you can not continue the game to the next level unless you become a premium member.

Kingdom Rush game graphics look quite good and its loading fast enough. Although this armor game is quite simple and looks easy to play, but at the next levels require a good tactic and strategy in order to win the whole level.

There is no "Game Over" in this game so players can repeat the same level with different tactics. Here are some tips and tricks playing Kingdom Rush.
  1. Note the instructions and the hints that appear during play. The hints explain what the enemy to be destroyed and will be effective at what the troops were attacked by. The hints will appear when there is a new kind of enemy troops.
  2. Determine what the most appropriate forces to fight the enemy. Example to counter flying enemy like bats, the tower is the most appropriate choice.
  3. If at a certain level there is no tower, then you can make baracks then upgrade the troops in the barracks became Throwing Axe Man
  4. To be effective, think about priorities, which is more important? Upgrade the troops or build a new army?
  5. Call Reinforcements to confront the enemy in order to get more time to survive. Reinforcements will appear every 10 seconds.
  6. Use Rain of Fire that will appear every 80 second to blast your enemies with fire and brimstone from the skies. It is the best saved to use on an emergency or a great opportunity since it has a very  long coll down.
  7. Navigate troops from barracks to the right place by right-clicking and then place a blue flag at the site.
  8. Place the troops from barracks and reinforcements in advance of Tower or the tower range, so it will be stronger because the enemy forces who are against the forces from barracks would also come under attack from the tower.

Celts Civilizations

Wonder Celts
Celts is a civilization that has specialized infantry. They have strong infantry (Woad Raider) although not as strong as Samurai (Japanese) and Jaguar (Aztecs). Woad Raiders can run fast but not as fast as the Eagle Warrior (Aztecs and Mayans), but they can easily defeat them.

If the sheep or turkeys has been his (close to one unit), they can not be taken by another unit (does not change color). Celts do not have Camels (Heavy Camel) like Byzantines but they have Paladin (strongest Cavalry) while not having Bloodlines (hit point upgrade for Cavalry).

The main advantages of Celts Civilizations is on the Siege Workshop units that have most powerful siege weapons in the game Age of Empires II The Conquerors.

Here are some advantages Celts Civilizations:
  1. Infantry move 15% faster
  2. Lumberjacks work 15% faster
  3. Siege weapons fire 20% faster
  4. Sheep not converted if in one Celts unit's line of sight
  5. Unique unit : Elite Woad Raider (Infantry)
  6. Unique Technology : Furor Celtica (Siege Workshop units have 50% hit points)
  7. Team Bonus : Siege Workshop work 20% faster

Byzantines Civilizations

Wonder Byzantines
As told in the history, Byzantines have a strong building construction, as well as in the game Age of Empires II, the Byzantine is a nation that has the strongest buildings. If another civilization buildings can be easily destroyed by trebuchet, then the Byzantine buildings are more difficult or take too long to be destroyed. This is one of the advantages of Byzantines Civilizations.

All Cavalry troops (Knight, Cavalry, and Paladin) and Elephant troops can be easily defeated by infantry Halberdiers or Pikemans (Azctecs), it does not apply to Byzantines because they have Elite Cataphracts, a type of special Cavalry to defeat infantry. Even Elite Teutonic (Teuton), Jaguar Elite (Aztecs), and Elite Samurai (Japanese) could also be easily defeated.

Byzantines almost have all troops such as infantry, archers, and the Cavalry (Paladin), even the Byzantines have Bombard Canons, and Bombard Towers. That's why defeating the Byzantine army needed the right combination and the right strategy as well.

Here are some advantages Byzantines Civilizations:
  1. Buildings have +10% Hp in Dark age, +20% in Feudal age, +30% in Castle age, and +40% in Imperial age.
  2. Camels (Heavy Camels), Skirmishers (Elite Skirmishers), Pikeman, Halberdiers cost -25%
  3. Fire ships +20% fire attack
  4. Advance to Imperial Age costs -30%
  5. Unique Unit : Elite Cataphract
  6. Unique Technology : Logistica (Cataphracts cause trample damage)
  7. Team Bonus : Monk +50% heal speed

Britons Civilizations

Briton Wonder
In the game AOE II The Conquerors, Britons known as the Foot Archer Civilizations. Obvious advantages to the troops on the archers who have the farthest reach. Elite Longbowman Britons are very effective to immobilize the infantry.

Although the archers can be easily overpowered by the cavalry, but these forces can be protected by the infantry troops Helberdier to cripple horse and elephant such as Knight, Cavalry, Paladin, and War Elephant.

Britons archers reach further than other archers in the game even further from the Bombard Towers, Town Centers, Towers, Castles, and even further from the cannon Bombard Turkish troops.

Players should be able to use this advantage to win the game without using cheats AOE II. Try to make a good strategy to combine forces Britons held. Remember, this is not basketball or football game that requires hand speed, but this is a strategy game that requires thinking and good logic.

The following are the advantages of Britons Civilizations.
  1. Town Center cost -50% wood in castle age
  2. Foot archers (except skirmishers) have +1 range in castle age, +1 range in imperial age (for +2 total)
  3. Shepherds work 25% faster
  4. Unique units : Elite Longbowman (Archer) 
  5. Unique technology : Yeomen (foot archers +1 range, +2 tower attack)
  6. Team bonus : Archery Ranges 20% work faster

Aztecs Civilizations

Aztecs Wonder
In the game Age of Empires II The Conquerors, Aztecs civilization has many advantages, a player must be able to take advantage of this in order to win the game without cheats.

There are advantages and disadvantages in processing resources, upgrading technology, building strength, trade and the troops.

Below are some advantages of Aztecs civilization when compared with other civilizations in this game.

  1. Villagers carry +5
  2. Military units created 15% faster
  3. +5 Monk hit point for each Monastery technology
  4. Aztecs has Elite Jaguar Warrior (That is a strong infantry forces can easily defeat the infantry except Elite Teutonic civilization (Teuton) and Samurai (Japanese)
  5. It has unique technology : Garland War ( +4 infantry attack)
  6. Team bonus relic generate +33% gold
  7. Monk can convert enemy buildings (need redemption upgrade in monastery) except Town Center, Castle, Farm, Monastery, Fish Traps, Wall, and Wonder
  8. Monk can convert enemy monks (need atonement upgrade)
  9. Monk can convert most enemy units from a distance including trebuchets, rams, and other siege weapons (need redemption upgrade)
  10. Unit converted by an enemy monk or missionary die instead changing to the enemy's color (need heresy upgrade)

Crown at The Castle, What is It?

Inside the Castle
Every civilization in the game Age of Empires II The Conquerors have a crown-shaped icon in the castle. The crown Icon will appear after the player reaches the Imperial Age by pressing a hotkey (Ctrl + V). Crowns have their meanings according to the civilization that is being played. If the crown is clicked it means the player want to upgrade unique technology and it requires resources.

Among the existing crown serves to reinforce the troops, strengthening the villager, or add a range. For example, the crown of the Aztecs civilization serves to reinforce the infantry, the crown of the Japanese civilization serves to speed up the pack and unpack trebuchet. The following is the meaning of each crown in the castle in the game AOE II The Conquerors.
  1. Crown in Aztecs Civilization (Garland Wars): Add +4 infantry attack.
  2. Crown in Britons Civilization (Yeomen): foot archers +1 range, +2 attack tower.
  3. Crown in Byzantines Civilization (Logistica) : Catapracts cause trample damage.
  4. Crown in Celts Civilization (Furor Celtica) : Siege Workshop Units have +50% hit points.
  5. Crown in Chinese Civilization (Rocketry) " : 2 Chu Ko Nu attack, +4 Scorpions.
  6. Crown in Franks Civilization (Bearded Axe) : +1 Throwing Axemen range.
  7. Crown in Goths Civilization (Anarchy) : Create Huskarl at barracks, Perfusion: Barrack 50% work faster.
  8. Crown in Huns Civilization (Atheism) : + 100 years relics, Wonder victories, Apies/ Treason costs -50%
  9. Crown in Japanese Civilization (Kataparuto) : Trebuchet fire, pack faster.
  10. Crown in Korean Civilization (Shinkichon) : +2 range Mangonels, Onagers, and Siege Onagers
  11. Crown in Mayans Civilization (El Dorado) : Eagle Warriors have +40 hit ponts
  12. Crown in Mongols Civilization (Drill) : Siege Workshop Units move 50% faster.
  13. Crown in Persians Civilization (Mahouts) : War Elephant move 30% faster.
  14. Crown in Saracens Civilization (Zealotry) : Camels and Mamelukes +30 hit points.
  15. Crown in Spanish Civilization (Supremacy) :  Villagers better in combat
  16. Crown in Teutons Civilization (Crenellations) :  +3 range Castles; garrisoned infantry fire arrows.
  17. Crown in Turks Civilization (Artillery) : +2 range Bombard Towers, Bambard Cannons, Cannon Galleons.
  18. Crown in Vikings Civilization (Berserkergang) : Berserk regererate faster.
Those are the functions of each crown in the game AOEK / AOE2 that can be used to fight in the game, but remember any upgrade for this technology requires resources, so think about more important priorities, technology or economics?

How to Activate Cheat of Age of Empires II

If you play AOE / AOE II alone (single player) versus the computer, the cheat will be automatically activated when playing, but if you play more than one person (multiplayer),cheat option must be activated first, but of course must be approved by the other players.

To activate the AOK / AOE 2 cheats both for single player and multiplayer game is the same way, just press enter on your keyboard while playing the game like to chat, then write the corresponding cheat codes created by programmer i.e. "ROBIN HOOD" for adding 1000 Golds, "ROCK ON" for adding 1000 stones, and so forth. After that hit enter again.
See the examples below:

AOK Cheat
This is condition before inserting cheat, Gold = 100

AOE II Cheat
This is condition after inserting cheat "ROBIN HOOD", Gold = 1100 (increase 1000)

AOK II Cheat
This is condition before inserting cheat, there are unique units

AGE of Empires II
This is condition after inserting cheat "HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON" 
and "FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY" now you can see Cobra Car and The Magic Monkey :)

You need another cheats? Please see on page "Cheat of Age of Empires II The Conquerors" You need hotkeys of the game? Please see on page of "Hotkeys for Age of Empires II The Conquerors"

Hotkeys for Age of Empires II The Conquerors

Game programmer usually keep a special code into program that he created for the hotkeys when playing including in the Game Age of Empires II The Conquerors.

Hotkey in a game is a kind of shortcut that is one or more keyboard keys that are combined to shorten an instruction without having to use a mouse so that an instruction can be executed quickly while playing.For example in Age of Empires II (AOK-II or AOE-II) when villager will make a house or other buildings, player must click on the villager, then the mouse is directed to the bottom left corner to select an appropriate menu, and then directed to to the map to place that house or other buildings to be built. This can be alleviated by using a hotkey (B then E) or (V then E).

In the AOK-II or AOE-II, there are many default hotkeys, but the player can set any hotkey to suit the wishes of the option Hotkeys. Hotkeys settings can be done before the game starts or while it is playing (at the top right corner of menu).

If there are two players AOE-II with the same skill, it is definitely a player who mastered the fine hotkeys will win this game. Promise :) OK, below are some default hotkeys for Age of Empires II The Conquerors that can be used when playing.

UNIT COMMANDS (After Clicking The Unit)
Hotkeys Functions Hotkeys Functions
T Atack Ground C Convert
Delete Delete Unit B or V Build
G Garrison E Heal
P Pack R Repair
I Set Gather Point S Stop
L Unload U Unpack
Ctrl+AGot to Archery RangeCtrl+BGo to Barracks
Ctrl+SGo to BlacksmithCtrl+VGo to Castle
Ctrl+DGo to DockCtrl+ZGo to Lumber Camp
Ctrl+MGo to MarketCtrl+IGo to Mill
Ctrl+GGo to Mining CampYGo to Monastery
,Go to Idle Mllitary.Go to Idle Villager
SpaceGo to Selected ObjectHGo to Town Center
Ctrl+KGo to Siege WorkshopCtrl+LGo to Stable
Ctrl+UGo to UniversityF3Pause The Game
BackspaceGo to Previous ViewF12Save The Game
VILLAGER BUILD (After Selecting Villager and Pressing B or V)
ABuild Archery RangeBBuild Barracks
SBuild BlacksmithJBuild Bombard Tower
VBuild CastleDBuild Dock
FBuild FarmRBuild Fish Trap
/Build GateZBuild Lumber Camp
GBuild Mining CampWBuild Wall
QBuild OutpostTBuild Tower
EBuild HouseMBuild Market
IBuild MillYBuild Monastery
NBuild Poltside WallKBuild Siege Workshop
LBuild StableUBuild University
GBuild Mining CampWBuild Stone Wall
QBuild OutpostTBuild Tower
OBuild WonderNBuild Town Center
TOWN CENTER (After Pressing H)
WGo Back WorkBRing Town Bell

CASTLE (After Pressing Ctrl+V)
RBuild TrebuchetTBuils Unique Unit
PBuild Petard

DOCK (After Pressing Ctrl+D)
GLongboatCCanon Galleon
DDemolition Ship or Heavy Demolition ShipFFishing Ship
RFire Ship or Fast Fire ShipTTrade Cog
AGalley, War Galley, or GalleonPTransport Ship
STurtle Ship or Elite Turtle Ship

BARRACKS (After Pressing Ctrl+B)
GEagle Warrior or Elite Eagle WarriorRHuskarl or Elite Huskarl
SMilitia, Man-at-Arm, Champion, etc.ESpareman, Pikeman, or Helberdier
ARCHERY RANGE (After Pressing Ctrl+A)
AArcher, Crossbowman, or ArbalestCCavalry Archer or Heavy Cavalry Archer
EHand CannoneerRSkirmisher or Elite Skirmisher
STABLE (After Pressing Ctrl+L)
CCamel or Heavy CamelNKnight, Cavalier, or Paladin
TScout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, or Hussar

SIEGE WORKSHOP (After Pressing Ctrl+K)
RBattering Ram, Capped Ram, or Siege RamCBombard Cannon
AMangonel, Onager, or Siege OnagerNScorpion or Heavy Scorpion
MONASTERY (After Pressing Ctrl+Y)
MARKET (After Pressing Ctrl+M)
TTrade Cart

MILITARY UNITS (After Clicking Military Units)
QLineONo Attack
NStand Ground

MILL (After Pressing Ctrl+I)
FReseed Farm

See you in the game and have a nice game!

Cheat of Age of Empires II The Conquerors

Age of Empires II The Conquerors
For fans of strategy games AOE II The Conquerors, sometimes want a quick game, in this case the players do not need to bother to gather resources (food, wood, stone, and gold) but want to direct war against the enemy. For this purpose they usually take type game : Death Match.

In addition, players also wish their civilization and forces have an advanced power (full upgrade). For this purpose, they usually chooses Starting Age : Post-Imperial Age which all power and all the technology has been upgraded.

Both of these things actually are also performed by novice players of Age of Empires II the Conquerors, because they are more interested in studying the methods of direct war against the enemy before learning how to collect good resources as demanded by a strategy game.

Besides the players can adjust the game options, the problem can also be done using a cheat Age of Empires II The Conquerors. This is because the cheat can be used anytime during play time.

This cheat is actually a special code that has previously been programmed by the creators of the game. In the game AOE II Conquerors, cheat is a word or phrase that is written as well as chat with other players while playing. Every cheat code has each function that is associated with increased resources, associated with building speed, and so forth. Here are some common cheat of Age of Empires II The Conquerors.

Add 1000 Wood LUMBERJACK
Add 1000 Gold ROBIN HOOD
Add 1000 Stone ROCK ON
Quick Build AEGIS
Reveal Map MARCO
Remove all Shadows and see all opponents POLO
Animal Control except birds NATURAL WONDERS
Create unique villager (Need Town Center) I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD
Create cobra car (Need Town Center) HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON
Destroy an enemy base on the number # TORPEDO#
Win The Game (Single Player Only) I R WINNER
Create a Petard (Need Town Center) TO SMITHEREENS

Pro Evolution Soccer for Newbies

This page contains a Tutorial Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2011 specifically for the beginner who first played a game of this sport.

This popular sport game was developed and published by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Inc. under the guidance of Shingo Takatsuka. Almost every year the game named Pro Evolution or Winning Eleven in Japan released a newer version to refine previous versions. Some Pro Evolution Soccer series has been released include:
  1. Pro Evolution Soccer
  2. Pro Evolution Soccer 2
  3. Pro Evolution Soccer 3
  4. Pro Evolution Soccer 4
  5. Pro Evolution Soccer 5
  6. Pro Evolution Soccer 6
  7. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
  8. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
  9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
  10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
  11. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
  12. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Features and Modes of The Game
1. Editing
There has been a separate league with 18 teams of generic (Team A, Team B, Team C etc) from the Pro Evolution Soccer 6 fully editable.

2. Master League
At the Master League mode, the user can control the team selected such as adjust settings or choose to play with default player in order to win points, points earned can then be used to buy players to join the team. Finaly, player must be a skilled player.

Stats of player will be seen from the statistical curve that influenced the quality of training and age of players. Skill players can be decreased or increased so that one day user have to buy the younger players.

1. Shot & Stamina Gauge
While playing the game, strength and stamina of each player will decrease, if player is forced to keep running till exceed his ability, it will reflect badly on his skills and will cause the direction of the ball kick will not be accurate anymore. It is a fact to be adjusted as closely as possible so that games look more realistic.

2. Player Physics and Animations
PES Productions has truly perfected the animation game. This addition can be seen clearly as before kick-off, players enjoy a fluid, natural movement, the acceleration is more realistic than ever. Physically every player also has been enhanced, because this is the main priority of this game improvement.

Users can see the amazing animation when the players jostling, mutual blocking, walking, and running after a ball with a more natural style.

3. Tactical Options
User of PES 2011 now can set options by drag and move using controller according to the desired position. In addition, users can use the option of 1-tuoch option for gameplan where the AI will give the most suitable formations. It can also be done manually by the user.

Age of Empires II Still Alive

Do you know Age of Empires II? Do you still play the game?
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (AGE2, AOE II or AOK) is a strategy game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft. This game was released on 1999-2000 for Windows and Macintosh operating systems which can be played via PC, Play Station (PS), and Mobile phone with Windows Mobile operating system. In addition to The Age of King (AOK) was also released another version that is almost the same, namely Age of Empires II: The Conqueror that can be played through the Play Station.

Although this is an old game that released long time ago, but the fans of this strategy game is still a lot and even tended to increase. One indicator can be seen when you log into Gameranger, a program that can connect between players around the world.

Among fans of AOE II game is mostly reasoned that this game is very mild, not requiring large memory and high-specification computers. Besides this game can be played by single player or multiplayer till eight players offline or online via the internet. The game also has various types i.e. Regicide, King of the Hill, Wonder Race, Random Map, Death Match, Scenario, and Defend The Wonder. Graphic display is pretty good though of course not as good as Age of Empires III.

If you try to play this game online through Gameranger, you will find other types of this game. In addition, the map of the game is pretty much, there are Arabia, Mongolia, Archipelago, Arena, Baltic, Black Forest, Coastal, Continental, Fortress, Ghost Lake, Gold Rush, Highland, Islands, Mediterranean, Nomad, Oasis, Rivers, Salt Mars, Scandinavia, Team Island, and Yucatan.

There are many civilizations in AOE II which can be chosen to play i.e. the Aztecs, Britons, Byzantines, Celts, Chinese, Franks, Goths, Huns, Japanese, Koreans, Mayans, Mongols, Persians, Saracens, Spanish, Teutons, Turks, and Vikings . Each civilization has its advantages and disadvantages of each. So this is where a player must be clever to set a good strategy to capitalize on any advantages of the civilization.

How to use Gameranger

It is not difficult to use Gameranger for those who want to play online games with your friends from around the world.This tutorial is for beginners who just use Gameranger first time.

Once the program Gameranger installed on your PC, you can open it and then login using your username and password you created when you sign up to Gameranger.Here are some features of Gameranger after you login.

The left window is the main window that displays the online games that are being opened (waiting for other players) or playing such as Age of empires, Rise of Rome, Age of Empires II - Age of King, Age of Empires II - The Conquerors, Age of Empires III, Age of Empires III - The Asian Dynasties, Age of Mithology, Age of Mithology - The Titans Expansion, Aliens Vs Predator 2, Anno 1404 - Venice, Army Men RTS, Arsenal of Democracy, Battle Realms - Winter of The Wolf, Borderlands, Call of Duty, Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare, Company of Heroes, Cossacks - The Art of War, Diablo II - Lord of Destruction, Empire Earth, FIFA 07, FIFA 08, FIFA 09, FIFA 10, FIFA 11, Stronghold Crusader, and other games.

Ping is the network connection indicator of your computer with your friends in Gameranger, if Ping is green then the network connection is good, the more green the better connection. If Ping color is orange then the connection is not so good when compared with green. If the Ping is red then your computer connection with a friend is bad. Ping without color is an indicator of the worst connection.

Right window is a list of your friends. Through this window you can see your friends who are online and your friends who are offline in Gameranger. To add a friend to your friends list, right click on the left windows then click Add to Friends.

Gameranger 1

To find the location and other information of your friend, right-click and then click Show Info.

Gameranger Tutorial 2

If you intend to open a game, click the Host button, select the game you have already installed on your computer, write a brief description of the room to be opened, if necessary you can set maximal player and also a password of this room.

Gameranger Tutorial 3

Below is the newly created room window. Friends who joined in this room will be visible on the right. When there are players who have joined you can send a direct message. If your friend's nickname written in italics letter it means the connection is bad and should not play games until the connection is good. "Just for fun, anyone can join" is a description and AOE2 Plus is a Nickname.

Gameranger Tutorial 4

You can also send messages to another player who has not become your friend or not in your friends list. The trick, right click on one of the game in the left window and then click Send Message. In addition you can also join in a special room chatting in the main window without having to play the game.

Gameranger Tutorial 5

There are many features of Gameranger that have not been written in this post. These features will be described in another post later. Just wait.

GameRanger Registration

What is GameRanger?
GameRanger is a program that can connect a lot of games to play online anytime, anywhere via a PC. Through GameRanger you can play your favorite game with your friends around the world, you also can chat privately or in a group that can be made instantaneously. Created by Scott Kevill and opened to Mac gaming in 1999, GameRanger is the longest running multiplayer online gaming service on any platform. In 2008, GameRanger expanded into PC gaming receiving widespread enthusiasm and acclaim.

When you login, you will know the following things through the green circle icon:
  1. Your friends are online and have not played a game
  2. Your friends are online and are playing a game
  3. Your friends are online and have opened the group but have not made a game 
  4. Location of your friends or other players 
  5. Who is opening the game group
  6. What type game is being played
  7. Chatting (instant messaging)
  8. In-game voice communication
How to register to GameRanger?

Gameranger Registration

To sign up for Gameranger steps are very easy because at the time of the installation program will automatically perform the registration Gameranger. So to register and create an account, just instrall Gameranger program into your PC. (See "Step by step Gameranger Installation")

How to Install Gameranger

Here are the steps for Gameranger  installation on the PC:
  1. Download Gameranger program from
  2. Double click Gameranger Setup Icon


  3. Click Install then wait a minute


  4. To start installation, click Next button


  5. Click Next button again then click Agree Button (Agree to The Term and Condition of Use)


  6. Check (enable) the radio button of "Create of new account" then click Next


  7. If you were asked to fill Invite Code, leave it blank then click Next to skip this step
  8. Enter your email address and choose your password then click Next


  9. You must choose a Nickname and your Real Name


  10. In the next step you can activate filter profanity or no (it's up to you) then click Next


  11. Now select your country and then click Next button

    gameranger installation-1

  12. Gameranger is now ready to create an account with your email. If your email is not correct, click Back button

    gameranger istallation

  13. Now your account was created, finaly open your email to activate your gameranger account (do not click the Next button before activating your account in your email by clicking activation link from Gameranger

    Gameranger Installation

  14. Now you are ready to use Gameranger. Click Next button in step-13 and wait while connecting

Collection of Games for Android

Now the users of Android Tablet can enjoy a wide variety of games that can be played through this device, even a lot of Play Station (PS) games already can be installed on a device that uses the Android operating system. This is good news for gamers who do not want to leave their hobby when they play games on the way even though only in their spare time.

Lots of games can be played via the Android that was already previously designed for this purpose. But many games have been made before the Android appears, so the programmer improve and make design for those games in order to support Android or Smartphone. Below are some examples of games for Android Tablet.
  1. Angry Birds Space Premium v1.2.1
  2. Avadon The Black Fortress v1.0.10
  3. FIFA 12 by EA Sports v1.3.96
  4. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)/ Winning Eleven PS1
  5. SpeedBall 2 Evolution v1.0.5
  6. Striker Soccer Eurocup 2012
  7. Resident Evil Survivor
  8. Batman Forever
  9. Captain Tsubasa
  10. Street Fighter Alpha Wariors Dream
  11. Streen Fighter EX2 Plus
  12. Ridge Racer Type 4
  13. GTA 2 (Ripped Version)
  14. Moto Racer 2
  15. Scooby Doo
  16. Driver (RIP)
  17. Sports Car Challenge v1.0.760
  18. Death Racing Pro v1.01
  19. Road Rash
  20. Road Rash 3D
  21. Need For Speed II (NFS2)
  22. Spider-Man
  23. Billiard (PS1)
  24. Die Hard Trilogy
  25. F1 2001
  26. Warlock Defense v1.0
  27. NBA JAM v01.00.38
  28. Basketball Shootout 3D v1.0.5
  29. Slam Dunk Basketball v1.0.5
More information on the games and links to download each game for android above, can be found on any of the links below:

Dribble Technique

One factor supporting to win a football competition is the ability to dribble, as well as for the game Pro Evolution Soccer Winning Eleven. A gamer who mastered the dribble technique will completely dominate the game easily, so the game will be wonderful and the victory was easily obtainable. Dribble is a herding technique and playing ball with the feet of the players. Techniques used to keep the ball dribble and outwit opponents. Try to master it by pressing the keypad direction (left analog).

Whatever formation you employ in the game will not work properly without the correct mastery dribble.Dribble technique on the Winning Eleven is very easy and fun. Why? We will feel comforted by the beauty of our great dribble. Agree? Remember that the dribble has a fundamental role for gamers because they will not be satisfied with the monotonous style of play and primitive.

See the example of fighting techniques under the direction of your opponent.

Winning-eleven-1  Winning Eleven-2

Do to dribble the ball the opposite direction of the opponent. White arrow is the direction of movement you have to do and the red arrow is the direction of your opponent. Thus one step so that the opponent will instantly have the ball in the stands behind it. This maneuver is very effective and accurate way to outwit your opponent.If the opponent moves to the right, then you must bring the ball to the left quickly (See the white and red arrow).

Try all movements below to practice your dribble skill.
  1. When dealing directly with the position of one on one, press R2 a few times (R2 ... R2 ... R2 ...,) or press and hold R2 L3 button while moving in the direction you like (R2 + L3). This technique is useful to distract the opponent.
  2. When dribbling, turn the R3 (right analog). This technique is also useful to fool your opponent facing from the front with a stylish spin.
  3. While dribbling press L1 or R2 a few times. (L1 ... L1 ... L1 ...,). Dribling technique is useful to deceive the opponent, can also be used for showing off (lol).
  4. To perform accurate crossing, press and hold L1 and press O (L1 + O). Crossing can be done from any direction. This technique is very effective for the ball to the striker who already exist near the opponent's penalty box and go directly by pressing the "box" towards the opposing goal.
  5. The scam technique. Give the ball to one player, before the ball up in the player, press and hold R1, then automatically the player will not receive the ball but let the ball pass between his legs and other player who in behind the player will get the ball, if no player who passed behind him, he is going to go after her the ball. This technique is very effective to pass the ball to our players who taped the opposing player.

Throw Your Smartphone

The latest innovations of German Basketball League competition for three-free-throw challenge has hundreds of users throw their smartphone on a billboard as a basketball thrown into the basket in a basketball game. Of course not thrown their smartphone (although there was a child who throws his smartphone), but it has a motion sensor that will detect the movement of your hand when doing the throw. Movement will be translated by a special program to be a visual display on a billboard that can be watched instantly.

Using their smartphones, users can connect to the billboard and play a three-free-throw challenge and share the results via Facebook connect while a camera mounted at the installation takes a picture of their shooting act and sends it to them in real-time. More information, visit

Bascketball PC Game NBA Live 08

This Basketball PC game has more features which can give the new reality in your home. If you love watching basketball competitions on television, now you can plunge into a part of basketball team through a Basketball game NBA Live 08. You can set the style of each player and do the style of movement as a world-class professional basketball player who can make all audience stand up watching your skill.

You can improve your game by changing skill attributes quickly. Use Create-A-Player to design an unstoppable baller - Choose from thousands of customizable options, including hair styles, body types, and the latest gear.

Basketball PC Game

NBA Live 08 is a revolutionary basketball game that comes with ultra-realistic players motion and emotion. Through this game you can show your skills such as do the Slam Dunk and 3 Points Shootout. NBA Live 08 was released for the Windows, Wii, PlayStation (PS) and PlayStation Portable. This is the first NBA video game to include all three next-generation consoles. It was the last NBA Live game for the Windows platform.

This NBA LIVE 08 video showcases one of the most fluid and realistic 5-on-5 basketball games ever. See some of the best players in the NBA put their skills on display with enhanced shooting, passing, and rebounding engines.

Basketball Game

Are you a basketball fan? What is your favorite team? Who is the best player you like this year? LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, or Dwight Howard? Any teams that you like and any players who becomes your favorite, they are all do not matter, because in this online basketball game, anyone can win and lose every time. It all depends on your skill while playing this game (lol).

Most basketball fans are usually well liked basketball game which can be played offline via PC (Personal Computer) or PS (Play Station) or online through the Internet. The thing like this can sometimes refresh our brains after a day of activities. How do we portray the character of a basketball player, how we laugh and feel happy when we put the ball into the basket, it can be a cure all stress of boredom and fatigue.

For basketball lovers, you can try to play a basketball game online for your leisure. Although these games are very light and do not require high computer specs, they can entertain you. So, click one of the links below to start playing basketball or to download the game.
    Use your mouse to set your ball target (shot's trajectory). In each level, your goal is to get the ball through the hoops fastly. Pop any referees on the head for a 5 second time bonus!

    Basketball Game Flash

  2. Incredi BaskelBall
    If you want to play an offline basketball game, Incredi Basketball is one of them. You can dowload it for free.


    Use your keyboard. W key to move forward, S to retreat, A to move left, D to move right, and spacebar to shoot.

    Flash BasketBall Game

Amazing Spider-Man Game

Spider-man is a very popular super hero from Marvel, he is portrayed as a masked figure having the force like a spider. After the success of the three previous movies, Spiderman 4 is now released, entitled The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, this film even started was first held in Tokyo. Spiderman-4 movie became one of the newest super hero action movies of the most anticipated in 2012, this film will be released in 3D format as well.

Amazing Spiderman
Photo credit : Wikipedia
Tobey Maguire, who has been cast as Peter Parker in the three previous films are now replaced by Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone who plays Gwen Stacy. For fans of widescreen action films, Amazing Spiderman movie will certainly be his long-awaited show in the cinemas in all countries. They can also watch the movie via CD Player and DVD Player. This is in contrast to the gamer, they would prefer spiderman game rather than watching movies. They feel cool because the super hero spider-man figure can be played by their hands over the keyboard, mouse, or joystick. Even now the amazing spider-man game can be played via a smartphone or mobile phone with a variety of Operating System.

Besides can be played on PC (Offline) or Play Station, this game can be played online through the Internet. This game can be played in a variety of platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Wii.

Based on the story of Peter Parker as the beginning of a spider's web face, Gameloft did not miss the opportunity to bring the story of Spider-Man into the realm of mobile gaming for Android and IOS precisely. The game is scheduled to present at the same date with the launch of the film. The trailer version has been released even though the game play was shown only briefly in a nice 3D format that can be played through a sophisticated smartphone or tablet. So, watch the movie and play the game.

Samsung Galaxy Note, Phone or Tablet?

Samsung Galaxy Note is a new type of smartphone, borne of insight and innovation. It is the ultimate on-the-go device which consolidates core benefits of diverse mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability. It empowers you with everything you can ever desire so that you can simply, feel free. It is truly smart.

What will you do if one day on the go you need to access your email, view your photos, watch your video, pay a game, or browse any information you need on the internet? To do all this, you may carry many devices which have unique benefits like that based on work particular situation and requirements. Perhaps you will constantly switch devices to use the right device at the right place and the right situation.

Samsung Galaxy Note solved this problem. It is a primary device for on-the-go use that could consolidate the main tasks of multiple devices and recreate the ease and simplicity of using a pen and paper to reflect your desires.

Here are the benefits of Samsung Galaxy Note:
  1. Immersive screen with smartphone portability
  2. Easy tasking on the full screen
  3. Free capturing and creation
  4. Powerful performance
Upgraded with the Premium Suite (Available to GALAXY Note users worldwide from Q2)
  1. Software update and upgrade
  2. Screen images simulated
  3. S Note: Perfect creation tool
    Easy-to-use templates for various needs
    Notes / Meeting Note / Sketchbook / Diary / Magazine / Travel / Card / Recipe
  4. Shape Match & Formula Match
    Enhanced productivity tools let’s you systematically organize plans and ideas on-the-go
  5. My Story
    Have emotions be expressed to family and loved ones Write a letter or card, and make a multimedia album to share.
  6. Upgraded S Memo
    Capture each and every idea even faster, anywhere and everywhere to share

Tips and Trick Point Blank

Level up faster
  1. Always play with a team that often wins, at least you'll get EXP more than the losing team.
  2. Try to be a player who kill most opponents.
  3. Most importantly you must often play the game and you should strive to be ranked first in order to get the most EXP.
  4. Use items that increase EXP 130%, but must be purchased with a Voucher.
  5. You must frequently buy the title, and finish it.
Be the most killer when you're playing
  1. Actually, to be the Top Killer doesn't require high skills. All you need is secretly attacked from the rear when the enemy off guard and keep the enemy does not hear your footsteps.
  2. Try to do defensive technique or attacking secretly near the enemy's headquarters by sneaking.
  3. Do not attack your opponent alone, because you'll be an easy target for them and you will easily overpowered, but get used to attacking with the team. Remember. While doing this technique you must always be careful because you can also shot by the enemy from behind. Consider the situation before you kill your opponent from behind, you should pay attention to the right and left of you after the killing because maybe this is a trap the enemy.
Headshot 100% accurate
  1. You must be smart pointing your weapon at the right targets to the enemy's head quickly and precisely. Headshot also needed a good shooting skills. Although you are not seeing the enemy, you should keep the weapon direction parallel to the head of an enemy (just an imagination) so every time you're ready to shoot.
  2. The best weapon for shooting the head (headshot) is a type of MP7 or p90 because they have very good accuracy. Privileges MP7 and p90 is direction of bullet that always follow the movement direction of the shot. The weakness of these weapons is a faster reload. So try when firing enemy in the right direction.
Photo credit:
Be a King of Point Blank
  1. You must be good at pointing a weapon and shoot the enemy in motion. Do not panic and try to stay relaxed and do not shoot before the direction of shot is right to the enemy so they quickly die. Do not rush when shooting the opponent but do not hesitate, because if you think too long you will be shot by the enemy.
  2. You should be good to shoot an enemy from behind. These skills are usually owned by the same people are observant and astute vision, he could see the enemy without being noticed by the enemy.  
  3. You must be smart to shoot the enemy's head (Headshot).You can learn headshot through Counter Strike (CS) or Condition Zero (CZ) game against the computer.
  4. You must be smart to shoot enemies from a distance. This skill is also very important, not all enemies will go on attacking you, sometimes the enemy may choose to stay and hunt the enemy in his base.
  5. Most importantly, you should shoot each time you meet the enemy both from close range and long distance, stay focused and believe that you can kill the enemy.  Winning or losing is normal because this is just a game.

Point Blank For Beginners

Point Blank game is currently the game which well-loved online gamers from all walks of life both children and adults gamers. Among them there are the beginner gamers who first time playing this game. No wonder if the novice game players are often confused because they do not play professionally, there are even gamers who are not familiar with the functions of keyboard buttons and mouse when playing Point Blank, so they are more often killed than kill the enemy.

Point Blank
Photo credit : Wikipedia
Unlike Angry Bird game that's easy to be played, Point Blank is a type of online game that requires thought and the right strategy, even hand speed keystrokes and mouse movements while playing are the supporting factors to be the winner. Uniquely, this game can be played by a lot of players (multiplayer) from around the world who are connected Internet network.

How to Play Point Blank for Beginners (Starting)

In order to play this game, you must register first by visiting, you must complete the registration form provided. If you are already signed up, learn the shortcut on your keyboard below.

1 Main Weapon
2 Secondary Weapon
3 Melee Weapon
4 Explosive Weapon
5 Special Weapon
6 Mission Item
A Move Left
B Zoom Mode 
C Report Radio Chat
D Move Right
E Refusing The Bomb
F Turn
G Drop the Weapon or Bomb
L Chatting History
M Open Map
Q Replacing Weapon
R Reload
S Move Backward
T Open Inventory Weapon
V Voice Chat
W Move Forward
X Request Radio Chat
Z Team Radio Chat
TAB Game Status
ENTER Chatting
PAGE UP Increasing Mouse Sensitivity
PAGE DOWN Decreasing Mouse Sensitivity
= Zoom  (Increasing)
- Zoom (Decreasing)
F2 Chatting to All Players
F3 Chatting to Team
F4 Clean Chat
F8 Screen Capture

LEFT CLICK Using the Weapon, Placing The Bomb
RIGHT CLICK  Additional Weapon
MOUSE WHEEL UP Previous Weapon