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Android Operating System

Android Operating System was initially developed by Android , Inc. . is an operating system based on Linux Kernel . People know Android as an operating system for touchscreen mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones because the operating system was developed to improve the performance of mobile devices.

Many people need a smartphone with reliable performance to support a variety of purposes such as for browsing, chatting, and GPS monitoring purposes. This need is certainly claims to the demands of business and other daily necessities. Android has managed to make it happen through the operating system that is installed in a variety of brands of smartphones and tablet computers. That's why now more users are beginning to choose Android instead of using mobile devices based on other operating systems.

Android Operating System reliability can be felt directly by the user when using the touchscreen on a mobile device. Only with a slight touch of a finger or by shifting the existing menus, users can easily access a variety of widgets without having to go through many menus as usual phonecell. Besides the display screen can be changed to display portrait or landsape simply by reversing or turning the device to the horizontal or vertical direction. Pretty easy is not it? Home page can also be set as the user desires such as adding menus in order to perform direct access certain widgets such as email, internet, chat, weather forecasts, and so on.

Because the Android Operating System is open source software, it allows many manufacturers and wireless operators to modify and develop a variety of mobile devices to meet the needs of users. Moreover Android has a large community of developers, especially developers who use the Java programming language. In October 2012, there are about 700,000 apps available for Android that can be downloaded via Google Play. That's why now more than 70% of mobile devices using Android.

Android is now the most widely used by various brands of smartphones in the world to surpass Symbian. Android operating system is known as a technology that is ready-made, low-cost and customizable. Not only that, because it is open source, it can encourage a positive community among developers and fans so that they can continue to develop the features and facilities according to the needs of society.

Android's share of the global smartphone market in November 2013, led by Samsung products. Approximately 48 billion apps have been installed and about 1 billion devices using the Android operating system has been activated.