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Basketball Game

Are you a basketball fan? What is your favorite team? Who is the best player you like this year? LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, or Dwight Howard? Any teams that you like and any players who becomes your favorite, they are all do not matter, because in this online basketball game, anyone can win and lose every time. It all depends on your skill while playing this game (lol).

Most basketball fans are usually well liked basketball game which can be played offline via PC (Personal Computer) or PS (Play Station) or online through the Internet. The thing like this can sometimes refresh our brains after a day of activities. How do we portray the character of a basketball player, how we laugh and feel happy when we put the ball into the basket, it can be a cure all stress of boredom and fatigue.

For basketball lovers, you can try to play a basketball game online for your leisure. Although these games are very light and do not require high computer specs, they can entertain you. So, click one of the links below to start playing basketball or to download the game.
    Use your mouse to set your ball target (shot's trajectory). In each level, your goal is to get the ball through the hoops fastly. Pop any referees on the head for a 5 second time bonus!

    Basketball Game Flash

  2. Incredi BaskelBall
    If you want to play an offline basketball game, Incredi Basketball is one of them. You can dowload it for free.


    Use your keyboard. W key to move forward, S to retreat, A to move left, D to move right, and spacebar to shoot.

    Flash BasketBall Game