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Celts Civilizations

Wonder Celts
Celts is a civilization that has specialized infantry. They have strong infantry (Woad Raider) although not as strong as Samurai (Japanese) and Jaguar (Aztecs). Woad Raiders can run fast but not as fast as the Eagle Warrior (Aztecs and Mayans), but they can easily defeat them.

If the sheep or turkeys has been his (close to one unit), they can not be taken by another unit (does not change color). Celts do not have Camels (Heavy Camel) like Byzantines but they have Paladin (strongest Cavalry) while not having Bloodlines (hit point upgrade for Cavalry).

The main advantages of Celts Civilizations is on the Siege Workshop units that have most powerful siege weapons in the game Age of Empires II The Conquerors.

Here are some advantages Celts Civilizations:
  1. Infantry move 15% faster
  2. Lumberjacks work 15% faster
  3. Siege weapons fire 20% faster
  4. Sheep not converted if in one Celts unit's line of sight
  5. Unique unit : Elite Woad Raider (Infantry)
  6. Unique Technology : Furor Celtica (Siege Workshop units have 50% hit points)
  7. Team Bonus : Siege Workshop work 20% faster

Byzantines Civilizations

Wonder Byzantines
As told in the history, Byzantines have a strong building construction, as well as in the game Age of Empires II, the Byzantine is a nation that has the strongest buildings. If another civilization buildings can be easily destroyed by trebuchet, then the Byzantine buildings are more difficult or take too long to be destroyed. This is one of the advantages of Byzantines Civilizations.

All Cavalry troops (Knight, Cavalry, and Paladin) and Elephant troops can be easily defeated by infantry Halberdiers or Pikemans (Azctecs), it does not apply to Byzantines because they have Elite Cataphracts, a type of special Cavalry to defeat infantry. Even Elite Teutonic (Teuton), Jaguar Elite (Aztecs), and Elite Samurai (Japanese) could also be easily defeated.

Byzantines almost have all troops such as infantry, archers, and the Cavalry (Paladin), even the Byzantines have Bombard Canons, and Bombard Towers. That's why defeating the Byzantine army needed the right combination and the right strategy as well.

Here are some advantages Byzantines Civilizations:
  1. Buildings have +10% Hp in Dark age, +20% in Feudal age, +30% in Castle age, and +40% in Imperial age.
  2. Camels (Heavy Camels), Skirmishers (Elite Skirmishers), Pikeman, Halberdiers cost -25%
  3. Fire ships +20% fire attack
  4. Advance to Imperial Age costs -30%
  5. Unique Unit : Elite Cataphract
  6. Unique Technology : Logistica (Cataphracts cause trample damage)
  7. Team Bonus : Monk +50% heal speed

Britons Civilizations

Briton Wonder
In the game AOE II The Conquerors, Britons known as the Foot Archer Civilizations. Obvious advantages to the troops on the archers who have the farthest reach. Elite Longbowman Britons are very effective to immobilize the infantry.

Although the archers can be easily overpowered by the cavalry, but these forces can be protected by the infantry troops Helberdier to cripple horse and elephant such as Knight, Cavalry, Paladin, and War Elephant.

Britons archers reach further than other archers in the game even further from the Bombard Towers, Town Centers, Towers, Castles, and even further from the cannon Bombard Turkish troops.

Players should be able to use this advantage to win the game without using cheats AOE II. Try to make a good strategy to combine forces Britons held. Remember, this is not basketball or football game that requires hand speed, but this is a strategy game that requires thinking and good logic.

The following are the advantages of Britons Civilizations.
  1. Town Center cost -50% wood in castle age
  2. Foot archers (except skirmishers) have +1 range in castle age, +1 range in imperial age (for +2 total)
  3. Shepherds work 25% faster
  4. Unique units : Elite Longbowman (Archer) 
  5. Unique technology : Yeomen (foot archers +1 range, +2 tower attack)
  6. Team bonus : Archery Ranges 20% work faster

Aztecs Civilizations

Aztecs Wonder
In the game Age of Empires II The Conquerors, Aztecs civilization has many advantages, a player must be able to take advantage of this in order to win the game without cheats.

There are advantages and disadvantages in processing resources, upgrading technology, building strength, trade and the troops.

Below are some advantages of Aztecs civilization when compared with other civilizations in this game.

  1. Villagers carry +5
  2. Military units created 15% faster
  3. +5 Monk hit point for each Monastery technology
  4. Aztecs has Elite Jaguar Warrior (That is a strong infantry forces can easily defeat the infantry except Elite Teutonic civilization (Teuton) and Samurai (Japanese)
  5. It has unique technology : Garland War ( +4 infantry attack)
  6. Team bonus relic generate +33% gold
  7. Monk can convert enemy buildings (need redemption upgrade in monastery) except Town Center, Castle, Farm, Monastery, Fish Traps, Wall, and Wonder
  8. Monk can convert enemy monks (need atonement upgrade)
  9. Monk can convert most enemy units from a distance including trebuchets, rams, and other siege weapons (need redemption upgrade)
  10. Unit converted by an enemy monk or missionary die instead changing to the enemy's color (need heresy upgrade)

Crown at The Castle, What is It?

Inside the Castle
Every civilization in the game Age of Empires II The Conquerors have a crown-shaped icon in the castle. The crown Icon will appear after the player reaches the Imperial Age by pressing a hotkey (Ctrl + V). Crowns have their meanings according to the civilization that is being played. If the crown is clicked it means the player want to upgrade unique technology and it requires resources.

Among the existing crown serves to reinforce the troops, strengthening the villager, or add a range. For example, the crown of the Aztecs civilization serves to reinforce the infantry, the crown of the Japanese civilization serves to speed up the pack and unpack trebuchet. The following is the meaning of each crown in the castle in the game AOE II The Conquerors.
  1. Crown in Aztecs Civilization (Garland Wars): Add +4 infantry attack.
  2. Crown in Britons Civilization (Yeomen): foot archers +1 range, +2 attack tower.
  3. Crown in Byzantines Civilization (Logistica) : Catapracts cause trample damage.
  4. Crown in Celts Civilization (Furor Celtica) : Siege Workshop Units have +50% hit points.
  5. Crown in Chinese Civilization (Rocketry) " : 2 Chu Ko Nu attack, +4 Scorpions.
  6. Crown in Franks Civilization (Bearded Axe) : +1 Throwing Axemen range.
  7. Crown in Goths Civilization (Anarchy) : Create Huskarl at barracks, Perfusion: Barrack 50% work faster.
  8. Crown in Huns Civilization (Atheism) : + 100 years relics, Wonder victories, Apies/ Treason costs -50%
  9. Crown in Japanese Civilization (Kataparuto) : Trebuchet fire, pack faster.
  10. Crown in Korean Civilization (Shinkichon) : +2 range Mangonels, Onagers, and Siege Onagers
  11. Crown in Mayans Civilization (El Dorado) : Eagle Warriors have +40 hit ponts
  12. Crown in Mongols Civilization (Drill) : Siege Workshop Units move 50% faster.
  13. Crown in Persians Civilization (Mahouts) : War Elephant move 30% faster.
  14. Crown in Saracens Civilization (Zealotry) : Camels and Mamelukes +30 hit points.
  15. Crown in Spanish Civilization (Supremacy) :  Villagers better in combat
  16. Crown in Teutons Civilization (Crenellations) :  +3 range Castles; garrisoned infantry fire arrows.
  17. Crown in Turks Civilization (Artillery) : +2 range Bombard Towers, Bambard Cannons, Cannon Galleons.
  18. Crown in Vikings Civilization (Berserkergang) : Berserk regererate faster.
Those are the functions of each crown in the game AOEK / AOE2 that can be used to fight in the game, but remember any upgrade for this technology requires resources, so think about more important priorities, technology or economics?

How to Activate Cheat of Age of Empires II

If you play AOE / AOE II alone (single player) versus the computer, the cheat will be automatically activated when playing, but if you play more than one person (multiplayer),cheat option must be activated first, but of course must be approved by the other players.

To activate the AOK / AOE 2 cheats both for single player and multiplayer game is the same way, just press enter on your keyboard while playing the game like to chat, then write the corresponding cheat codes created by programmer i.e. "ROBIN HOOD" for adding 1000 Golds, "ROCK ON" for adding 1000 stones, and so forth. After that hit enter again.
See the examples below:

AOK Cheat
This is condition before inserting cheat, Gold = 100

AOE II Cheat
This is condition after inserting cheat "ROBIN HOOD", Gold = 1100 (increase 1000)

AOK II Cheat
This is condition before inserting cheat, there are unique units

AGE of Empires II
This is condition after inserting cheat "HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON" 
and "FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY" now you can see Cobra Car and The Magic Monkey :)

You need another cheats? Please see on page "Cheat of Age of Empires II The Conquerors" You need hotkeys of the game? Please see on page of "Hotkeys for Age of Empires II The Conquerors"

Hotkeys for Age of Empires II The Conquerors

Game programmer usually keep a special code into program that he created for the hotkeys when playing including in the Game Age of Empires II The Conquerors.

Hotkey in a game is a kind of shortcut that is one or more keyboard keys that are combined to shorten an instruction without having to use a mouse so that an instruction can be executed quickly while playing.For example in Age of Empires II (AOK-II or AOE-II) when villager will make a house or other buildings, player must click on the villager, then the mouse is directed to the bottom left corner to select an appropriate menu, and then directed to to the map to place that house or other buildings to be built. This can be alleviated by using a hotkey (B then E) or (V then E).

In the AOK-II or AOE-II, there are many default hotkeys, but the player can set any hotkey to suit the wishes of the option Hotkeys. Hotkeys settings can be done before the game starts or while it is playing (at the top right corner of menu).

If there are two players AOE-II with the same skill, it is definitely a player who mastered the fine hotkeys will win this game. Promise :) OK, below are some default hotkeys for Age of Empires II The Conquerors that can be used when playing.

UNIT COMMANDS (After Clicking The Unit)
Hotkeys Functions Hotkeys Functions
T Atack Ground C Convert
Delete Delete Unit B or V Build
G Garrison E Heal
P Pack R Repair
I Set Gather Point S Stop
L Unload U Unpack
Ctrl+AGot to Archery RangeCtrl+BGo to Barracks
Ctrl+SGo to BlacksmithCtrl+VGo to Castle
Ctrl+DGo to DockCtrl+ZGo to Lumber Camp
Ctrl+MGo to MarketCtrl+IGo to Mill
Ctrl+GGo to Mining CampYGo to Monastery
,Go to Idle Mllitary.Go to Idle Villager
SpaceGo to Selected ObjectHGo to Town Center
Ctrl+KGo to Siege WorkshopCtrl+LGo to Stable
Ctrl+UGo to UniversityF3Pause The Game
BackspaceGo to Previous ViewF12Save The Game
VILLAGER BUILD (After Selecting Villager and Pressing B or V)
ABuild Archery RangeBBuild Barracks
SBuild BlacksmithJBuild Bombard Tower
VBuild CastleDBuild Dock
FBuild FarmRBuild Fish Trap
/Build GateZBuild Lumber Camp
GBuild Mining CampWBuild Wall
QBuild OutpostTBuild Tower
EBuild HouseMBuild Market
IBuild MillYBuild Monastery
NBuild Poltside WallKBuild Siege Workshop
LBuild StableUBuild University
GBuild Mining CampWBuild Stone Wall
QBuild OutpostTBuild Tower
OBuild WonderNBuild Town Center
TOWN CENTER (After Pressing H)
WGo Back WorkBRing Town Bell

CASTLE (After Pressing Ctrl+V)
RBuild TrebuchetTBuils Unique Unit
PBuild Petard

DOCK (After Pressing Ctrl+D)
GLongboatCCanon Galleon
DDemolition Ship or Heavy Demolition ShipFFishing Ship
RFire Ship or Fast Fire ShipTTrade Cog
AGalley, War Galley, or GalleonPTransport Ship
STurtle Ship or Elite Turtle Ship

BARRACKS (After Pressing Ctrl+B)
GEagle Warrior or Elite Eagle WarriorRHuskarl or Elite Huskarl
SMilitia, Man-at-Arm, Champion, etc.ESpareman, Pikeman, or Helberdier
ARCHERY RANGE (After Pressing Ctrl+A)
AArcher, Crossbowman, or ArbalestCCavalry Archer or Heavy Cavalry Archer
EHand CannoneerRSkirmisher or Elite Skirmisher
STABLE (After Pressing Ctrl+L)
CCamel or Heavy CamelNKnight, Cavalier, or Paladin
TScout Cavalry, Light Cavalry, or Hussar

SIEGE WORKSHOP (After Pressing Ctrl+K)
RBattering Ram, Capped Ram, or Siege RamCBombard Cannon
AMangonel, Onager, or Siege OnagerNScorpion or Heavy Scorpion
MONASTERY (After Pressing Ctrl+Y)
MARKET (After Pressing Ctrl+M)
TTrade Cart

MILITARY UNITS (After Clicking Military Units)
QLineONo Attack
NStand Ground

MILL (After Pressing Ctrl+I)
FReseed Farm

See you in the game and have a nice game!