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Britons Civilizations

Briton Wonder
In the game AOE II The Conquerors, Britons known as the Foot Archer Civilizations. Obvious advantages to the troops on the archers who have the farthest reach. Elite Longbowman Britons are very effective to immobilize the infantry.

Although the archers can be easily overpowered by the cavalry, but these forces can be protected by the infantry troops Helberdier to cripple horse and elephant such as Knight, Cavalry, Paladin, and War Elephant.

Britons archers reach further than other archers in the game even further from the Bombard Towers, Town Centers, Towers, Castles, and even further from the cannon Bombard Turkish troops.

Players should be able to use this advantage to win the game without using cheats AOE II. Try to make a good strategy to combine forces Britons held. Remember, this is not basketball or football game that requires hand speed, but this is a strategy game that requires thinking and good logic.

The following are the advantages of Britons Civilizations.
  1. Town Center cost -50% wood in castle age
  2. Foot archers (except skirmishers) have +1 range in castle age, +1 range in imperial age (for +2 total)
  3. Shepherds work 25% faster
  4. Unique units : Elite Longbowman (Archer) 
  5. Unique technology : Yeomen (foot archers +1 range, +2 tower attack)
  6. Team bonus : Archery Ranges 20% work faster