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How to Install Gameranger

Here are the steps for Gameranger  installation on the PC:
  1. Download Gameranger program from
  2. Double click Gameranger Setup Icon


  3. Click Install then wait a minute


  4. To start installation, click Next button


  5. Click Next button again then click Agree Button (Agree to The Term and Condition of Use)


  6. Check (enable) the radio button of "Create of new account" then click Next


  7. If you were asked to fill Invite Code, leave it blank then click Next to skip this step
  8. Enter your email address and choose your password then click Next


  9. You must choose a Nickname and your Real Name


  10. In the next step you can activate filter profanity or no (it's up to you) then click Next


  11. Now select your country and then click Next button

    gameranger installation-1

  12. Gameranger is now ready to create an account with your email. If your email is not correct, click Back button

    gameranger istallation

  13. Now your account was created, finaly open your email to activate your gameranger account (do not click the Next button before activating your account in your email by clicking activation link from Gameranger

    Gameranger Installation

  14. Now you are ready to use Gameranger. Click Next button in step-13 and wait while connecting