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Tips and Trick Point Blank

Level up faster
  1. Always play with a team that often wins, at least you'll get EXP more than the losing team.
  2. Try to be a player who kill most opponents.
  3. Most importantly you must often play the game and you should strive to be ranked first in order to get the most EXP.
  4. Use items that increase EXP 130%, but must be purchased with a Voucher.
  5. You must frequently buy the title, and finish it.
Be the most killer when you're playing
  1. Actually, to be the Top Killer doesn't require high skills. All you need is secretly attacked from the rear when the enemy off guard and keep the enemy does not hear your footsteps.
  2. Try to do defensive technique or attacking secretly near the enemy's headquarters by sneaking.
  3. Do not attack your opponent alone, because you'll be an easy target for them and you will easily overpowered, but get used to attacking with the team. Remember. While doing this technique you must always be careful because you can also shot by the enemy from behind. Consider the situation before you kill your opponent from behind, you should pay attention to the right and left of you after the killing because maybe this is a trap the enemy.
Headshot 100% accurate
  1. You must be smart pointing your weapon at the right targets to the enemy's head quickly and precisely. Headshot also needed a good shooting skills. Although you are not seeing the enemy, you should keep the weapon direction parallel to the head of an enemy (just an imagination) so every time you're ready to shoot.
  2. The best weapon for shooting the head (headshot) is a type of MP7 or p90 because they have very good accuracy. Privileges MP7 and p90 is direction of bullet that always follow the movement direction of the shot. The weakness of these weapons is a faster reload. So try when firing enemy in the right direction.
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Be a King of Point Blank
  1. You must be good at pointing a weapon and shoot the enemy in motion. Do not panic and try to stay relaxed and do not shoot before the direction of shot is right to the enemy so they quickly die. Do not rush when shooting the opponent but do not hesitate, because if you think too long you will be shot by the enemy.
  2. You should be good to shoot an enemy from behind. These skills are usually owned by the same people are observant and astute vision, he could see the enemy without being noticed by the enemy.  
  3. You must be smart to shoot the enemy's head (Headshot).You can learn headshot through Counter Strike (CS) or Condition Zero (CZ) game against the computer.
  4. You must be smart to shoot enemies from a distance. This skill is also very important, not all enemies will go on attacking you, sometimes the enemy may choose to stay and hunt the enemy in his base.
  5. Most importantly, you should shoot each time you meet the enemy both from close range and long distance, stay focused and believe that you can kill the enemy.  Winning or losing is normal because this is just a game.