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21 Tips and Hints of Kingdom Rush

Below are twenty-one tips and hints that you should learn when you play Kingdom Rush game to easily block the enemy so that you can win the game.
  1. Enemies and soldier with armor receives less damage
  2. Support Barracks with range Towers to maximize enemy exposure
  3. Reinforcements are a great way to split enemy forces
  4. Artillery works best against high concentration of enemies
  5. Artillery damage is highest in the center of the explosion 
  6. Use Reinforcements constantly to slow and damage the enemy
  7. Always aim rain of fire a little ahead of your target
  8. With the Salvage upgrade you can sell Archer Towers with on of 10% of lost
  9. Magic damage is the best way to deal with armored enemies
  10. Flying enemies can not be blocked by barracks and won't be targeted by most Artillery
  11. Enemies with magic resistance receive less damage from magic attack
  12. Adjust the Rally point of Soldiers to create better strategies
  13. Sometime it is better to build more Towers instead of upgrading a few
  14. Poison damage ignores armor
  15. Upgrading Barracks instantly trains new Soldiers
  16. Calling an early wave gives bonus cash and reduce spell cooldown a bit
  17. Artillery Explosion can damage flying enemies although they can not target them directly
  18. Use Barracks or Reinforcements to isolate troublesome enemies
  19. Barbarians with the right upgrades are capable of dealing flying enemies
  20. Earth elemental are very tough and deal area damage every time they strike
  21. You can uses key [1] and key [2] to select spells