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Angry Birds Game Playing Techniques

Angry Birds Game's popularity grows around the world, it can be seen from the young and adult gamers who play the game more and more. Whatever operating system and types of devices used, Angry Bird is one of popular game that still preferred especially for those who in their spare time in fatigue or just refreshing because this game doesn't need heavy strategy and doesn't need hand speed.

Angry Birds Game
Photo Credit : Andoid Multimedia Support
The online version of this game can be played through social networks Facebook, even Chrome was already released this game. Now we can play Angry Birds in any device that uses the Android operating system such as on the phonecell or Android Tablet.

The game is fairly mild and do not require large memory so that the loading process is faster, beside the graphic display is very nice.

How to win the game? In this game there are several species of birds with their respective advantages and we should be able to use them smartly.

Yellow Bird
This bird can glide at high speed when left-clicked on the mouse. The strength of this bird is more effective when used to destroy the wooden wall. Big White Bird When it launched, this bird can throw an egg-shaped bomb and will explode when hitting the objects.

Little Blue Bird
This bird can be transformed to 3 birds when launched by clicking the left mouse. The strength of this bird is more effective to destroy the ice.

When it launched then left-clicked mouse, the bird will turn into a boomerang that can be reversed.

Black Bird
This bird is a bird cannon.

Here are some tips and tricks to play Angry Birds
  1. Before shooting the target (pigs), look at what the material are used as protective green pigs.Discover the most materials easily destroyed by the birds according to the advantages of each bird are available.
  2. Shoot the pigs with the good calculation, in the right direction, the right angle, and the proper slingshot attraction. If the shooting is getting to the top, the bird will fall further and power of the birds will be decreasing, but the trick is sometimes to be done. (remember, the birds have each strength).
  3. To show the power of each bird, click the left mouse button while hovering. 
  4. Use a dot of white-looking as the reference direction of the next shot. 
  5. Finally, play and try! 
 How? You have other tricks to win the Angry Birds?