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Byzantines Civilizations

Wonder Byzantines
As told in the history, Byzantines have a strong building construction, as well as in the game Age of Empires II, the Byzantine is a nation that has the strongest buildings. If another civilization buildings can be easily destroyed by trebuchet, then the Byzantine buildings are more difficult or take too long to be destroyed. This is one of the advantages of Byzantines Civilizations.

All Cavalry troops (Knight, Cavalry, and Paladin) and Elephant troops can be easily defeated by infantry Halberdiers or Pikemans (Azctecs), it does not apply to Byzantines because they have Elite Cataphracts, a type of special Cavalry to defeat infantry. Even Elite Teutonic (Teuton), Jaguar Elite (Aztecs), and Elite Samurai (Japanese) could also be easily defeated.

Byzantines almost have all troops such as infantry, archers, and the Cavalry (Paladin), even the Byzantines have Bombard Canons, and Bombard Towers. That's why defeating the Byzantine army needed the right combination and the right strategy as well.

Here are some advantages Byzantines Civilizations:
  1. Buildings have +10% Hp in Dark age, +20% in Feudal age, +30% in Castle age, and +40% in Imperial age.
  2. Camels (Heavy Camels), Skirmishers (Elite Skirmishers), Pikeman, Halberdiers cost -25%
  3. Fire ships +20% fire attack
  4. Advance to Imperial Age costs -30%
  5. Unique Unit : Elite Cataphract
  6. Unique Technology : Logistica (Cataphracts cause trample damage)
  7. Team Bonus : Monk +50% heal speed