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Samsung vs. Apple. Which smartphone would be the best in the world?

Many people already know that Apple's smartphone product quality is very good. Various features and facilities are always developed to please the users around the world, including in America. But now many users are already familiar with smartphones made ​​in China. They began to switch to using Samsung smartphones and other Chinese brands. They began to choose Samsung because in addition equipped modern smartphone features, the price is relatively cheaper.

In certain countries, China-made smartphone users still dominate because the price was relatively cheaper than others and its features are not outdated. It's just that for some products, the quality is lower than other products that are marketed in developed countries like America, but it is obvious that the quality of the product is adjusted for purchasing power of the majority of users. It doesn't mean that the better quality smartphones and more expensive is not marketed in the country, but the numbers are reduced because the user is still small compared to those users who use cheaper products. Many users see only the general functions needed without seeing the reliability and completeness of these features, therefore reasonable for what they buy expensive products if they can do (achieved) by the low-cost smartphone made ​​in China even though the quality is lower.

The thing to note is that China would continue to develop technologies to enhance the features and facilities the smartphone and keep pressure on prices in order to remain cheaper than other brands of smartphones. Not only that, China continues to develop the operating system, supporting software, and parts are expected to be required of the user when repairs if there is damage. This is what should be more attention because it is not impossible for Apple users will switch to Chinese products.

The number of Chinese smartphone company in various countries around the world and online marketing are all factors supporting the marketing and development of China-made smartphone. We know that Apple products have very good quality because it is quite expensive and only affordable to the upper middle class. However, promotion to the middle to lower needs to be done though to make lower quality products that are cheaper.

What do you think, which one will be the best smartphone in the world in the future? Apple or Samsung?

Android Open Source Community

The development of the Android operating system in the world of telecommunications is very fast. This is because it is supported by the Android open source community is always active between developers and enthusiasts who use the Android source code. The purpose of this community is the remedy android develop and distribute their own modified version of the operating system so it can meet the needs of the users.

This community occurs on discussions between developers, users and programmers around the world to enhance the features of mobile devices and tablet computers that many emerging new features of mobile devices that use Android as an operating system. That's one of the advantages of open source software.

Because it is oper-source, then the programmer can easily modify and create new applications development based on Android to be applied to a variety of telecommunications equipment including on smartphones and tablets computers. However not all of the new software meets the standards are allowed, because they have not done proper testing within a certain time so it may result in errors in these devices.

Nevertheless the ideas that emerged in the community still needs to be appreciated as it can serve as a reference and consideration in the development of software based on Android in the future according to user demands. Many topics that you can discuss in the Android open source community in between:
  1. Android-platform: This list is for general discussion about the Android open-source project or the platform technologies.
  2. Android-building: Discussion about building the Android source code, and on the build system. If you've just checked out the source code and have questions about how to turn it into binaries.
  3. Android-porting: This list is for developers who want to port Android to a new device. If you're wondering how to combine the Android source code with your hardware, this is the right group for you. We can discuss about the specifics of porting Android to individual devices, from Obtaining toolchains and kernel drivers merging all the way to configuring or modifying applications for your specific configuration.
  4. Android-contrib: This list is for developers who want to contribute code to Android. This is a working list, and is not appropriate for general discussion. 
  5. Android-kernel: This list is for deveopers who want to contribute to the Linux kernel that Android devices use. If you've downloaded the kernel code, if you know how to compile it, if you want to write kernel code to specifically support Android, this is your place. 
If you are interested in becoming members of the android community, you can visit

Android Operating System

Android Operating System was initially developed by Android , Inc. . is an operating system based on Linux Kernel . People know Android as an operating system for touchscreen mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones because the operating system was developed to improve the performance of mobile devices.

Many people need a smartphone with reliable performance to support a variety of purposes such as for browsing, chatting, and GPS monitoring purposes. This need is certainly claims to the demands of business and other daily necessities. Android has managed to make it happen through the operating system that is installed in a variety of brands of smartphones and tablet computers. That's why now more users are beginning to choose Android instead of using mobile devices based on other operating systems.

Android Operating System reliability can be felt directly by the user when using the touchscreen on a mobile device. Only with a slight touch of a finger or by shifting the existing menus, users can easily access a variety of widgets without having to go through many menus as usual phonecell. Besides the display screen can be changed to display portrait or landsape simply by reversing or turning the device to the horizontal or vertical direction. Pretty easy is not it? Home page can also be set as the user desires such as adding menus in order to perform direct access certain widgets such as email, internet, chat, weather forecasts, and so on.

Because the Android Operating System is open source software, it allows many manufacturers and wireless operators to modify and develop a variety of mobile devices to meet the needs of users. Moreover Android has a large community of developers, especially developers who use the Java programming language. In October 2012, there are about 700,000 apps available for Android that can be downloaded via Google Play. That's why now more than 70% of mobile devices using Android.

Android is now the most widely used by various brands of smartphones in the world to surpass Symbian. Android operating system is known as a technology that is ready-made, low-cost and customizable. Not only that, because it is open source, it can encourage a positive community among developers and fans so that they can continue to develop the features and facilities according to the needs of society.

Android's share of the global smartphone market in November 2013, led by Samsung products. Approximately 48 billion apps have been installed and about 1 billion devices using the Android operating system has been activated.

Cool Math Games for Kids

There are so many online games that can be found easily through the internet either strategy games such as Age of Empires, and Stronghold Crusader, action games such as Counter Strike and Condition Zerro, adventure games, game fowl, game cooking, or others. But the games are designed specifically for the education of children relatively less especially cool math games for kids.

Of course the game with a variety of forms is required by anyone including adults and children, women and men, but educational games for children is much more important as a medium of learning, increase the power of thought, and sharpen concentration for children's development in the future . That's why cool math games for kids are some of the educational game for this purpose. Many children do not like math but if through a game, any difficult math will still be fun so they do not feel are studying mathematics indirectly.

Although the amount of the game less than with other online games, math games for kids have many variations and forms as the basis of calculation of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are all presented in the form of math games are designed as attractive as possible.

In addition there are designed with rules that must be completed as quickly as possible to get a score. Other math games are fast currency conversion, calculating angles, given the numbers, counting money, puzzles, geometry, and many others. Almost all cool math games for kids have multiple levels as challenges that beginner (basic), intermediate, and advanced (expert).

If you are interested to try cool math games for kids, you can visit any of the sites below:
What do you think? Interesting is not it?
Make sure the kids took the time to play educational games like this to compensate for the other games so as to eliminate boredom and also can add insight and knowledge in the field of mathematics.

Best Smartphone in The World

The development of information technology and telecommunications prompted many companies to improve the quality and quantity of goods produced. This is certainly in accordance with market demand and to compensate for the technology. Many smartphone companies that continue to innovate and develop models of the new features on smartphones made the company. They typically buy a smartphone as needed, but not uncommon for people who want to have the best smartphone in the world, at any price.

However, the sophistication of smartphones that exist today sometimes confusing consumers. They should carefully select and buy the smartphone is best suited to their needs. Well-known brands and companies are usually a measure of quality, but now new brand of some smartphones can attract the attention of consumers because it is supported by new models and features.

In the year 2013 it seems a lot of sophisticated smartphone that comes with all the reliable features of each manufacturer. Various methods they do to spoil the prospective buyers. Starting from the standard feature until the feature is arguably the latest technology they pinned inside smartphones. Now consumers must be smart to choose, which is better as the best smartphone.

The popularity of a smartphone can be different in each country, it is influenced by many factors such as the availability of goods, advertising, feature requirements, and environmental influences such as the use of smartphones by artists, officials, and celebrities in the country. However, any smartphone that is used should meet your needs at that time.

Samsung Galaxy S IV
At the beginning of the year Samsung again surprise the world with the introduction of the latest mobile phones, the Samsung Galaxy S IV who finished first best smartphone in the world this year. There are several things that make this phone to be the top. Some of these include the following:
  1. It has a display of the highest quality as well as full HD. Also, comes with Corning Gorilla Glass protection 3.
  2. It has two high quality camera with maximum support. Coupled also with some new features are pinned on the Samsung Galaxy S Samsung IV that no other mobile phone.
  3. The highest performance to date version of the Benchmark assessment.
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5 is in the second place that has best-in-class design and has maximum protection. On the performance shown, the iPhone 5 also has a very maximum performance. Although there are some features that are not too up, its like a folder, do not make the iPhone 5 a heap.

Sony Xperia Z
At the initial appearance, the Sony Xperia Z occupies the highest benchmark, before it is shifted by a new mobile phone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Some innovations are presented Sony on Sony Xperia Z is like water resistant and dust resistant. In addition, support for multimedia, performance, and the screen is also very maximum of the highest quality.

HTC is one of the phones that could be considered very reliable in its class that includes the best smartphones in the world. Best HTC innovation that is implemented on the HTC One is a camera that features Ultrapiksel is not owned any phone. The concept of this camera is the optical image stabilization. Although 4MP camera, but it can be compared with a 13MP camera class. Also, on performance, can not be doubted, because HTC has a maximum performance with the quad-core 1.7GHz processor and 2GB RAM

In your opinion, what is the best smartphone in the world today?

Tetris Games

Tetris game has long been recognized, even arguably timeless game that is still loved by people since the days of Nintendo. The game is simple enough that cleared the boxes with a certain shape so neat at the bottom of the game window. If the left end of a line is connected to the right end on the same line without any limits (without a break), the boxes will disappear. This condition is a point or score for the players.

Tetris is a puzzle game first building designed by Alexey Pajitnov in June 1985, when it was, he was still working at the Computer Center Dorodnicyn in the USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Tetris name itself is taken from the Greek numerical language, namely tetra which means four. Four itself is the sheer number of beam arrangement that can be changed into different shapes to further prepared by each of the players to be locked.

Tetris game or other games like that found in almost every video game consoles and personal computers, as well as on other devices such as calculators, cell phones, portable media players, PDA, and other gadgets. Although permianan Tetris appeared mostly in home computers, this game is more successful on the Gameboy version was released in 1989 which makes it the most popular game of all time. Electronic Gaming Monthly news on the 100th, Tetris was the first place in "Best Games of All Time". In 2007, Tetris came in second in the "100 Best Games of All Time" by IGN.

In the game, various tetromino consists of four blocks will fall. The purpose of this game is to manipulate the falling tetromino, with mengerakannya sideways or rotate, so it will form a horizontal line with no gaps, when it was formed, the tetromino will disappear, so tetromino on it will fall. As the game continues, the tetromino will fall faster. The game will end when the next tetromino blocked so it can not enter.

Tetris players can rotate the item box to the bottom boundary before conceived and properly trimmed. Players also can expedite the item box to reach the limits of the game window to immediately get a score. The more boxes that can be arranged in a certain time, the greater the score obtained so that the level of players has increased rapidly.

Tetris game is no longer archaic because now various variations of Tetris was made ​​more enjoyable. In addition to its features that continue to grow, can be played by two players, and can also be played online from different places. This is what makes the increasingly popular Tetris game. Now with easy anyone can play this game through online games site or through Facebook, social networking is quite famous in the world. While discussions on social networking, we can play a game of Tetris to eliminate setres and saturation.

Although it requires thought but not too heavy like a strategy game Age of Empires. Tetris also require calculations but do not like the game Angry Bird that require set power and angle accuracy. Tetris also need the speed but not as hard as racing games. Tetris game is designed to be fun and still easily playable by anyone with no age limit.