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Aztecs Civilizations

Aztecs Wonder
In the game Age of Empires II The Conquerors, Aztecs civilization has many advantages, a player must be able to take advantage of this in order to win the game without cheats.

There are advantages and disadvantages in processing resources, upgrading technology, building strength, trade and the troops.

Below are some advantages of Aztecs civilization when compared with other civilizations in this game.

  1. Villagers carry +5
  2. Military units created 15% faster
  3. +5 Monk hit point for each Monastery technology
  4. Aztecs has Elite Jaguar Warrior (That is a strong infantry forces can easily defeat the infantry except Elite Teutonic civilization (Teuton) and Samurai (Japanese)
  5. It has unique technology : Garland War ( +4 infantry attack)
  6. Team bonus relic generate +33% gold
  7. Monk can convert enemy buildings (need redemption upgrade in monastery) except Town Center, Castle, Farm, Monastery, Fish Traps, Wall, and Wonder
  8. Monk can convert enemy monks (need atonement upgrade)
  9. Monk can convert most enemy units from a distance including trebuchets, rams, and other siege weapons (need redemption upgrade)
  10. Unit converted by an enemy monk or missionary die instead changing to the enemy's color (need heresy upgrade)