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Collection of Games for Android

Now the users of Android Tablet can enjoy a wide variety of games that can be played through this device, even a lot of Play Station (PS) games already can be installed on a device that uses the Android operating system. This is good news for gamers who do not want to leave their hobby when they play games on the way even though only in their spare time.

Lots of games can be played via the Android that was already previously designed for this purpose. But many games have been made before the Android appears, so the programmer improve and make design for those games in order to support Android or Smartphone. Below are some examples of games for Android Tablet.
  1. Angry Birds Space Premium v1.2.1
  2. Avadon The Black Fortress v1.0.10
  3. FIFA 12 by EA Sports v1.3.96
  4. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)/ Winning Eleven PS1
  5. SpeedBall 2 Evolution v1.0.5
  6. Striker Soccer Eurocup 2012
  7. Resident Evil Survivor
  8. Batman Forever
  9. Captain Tsubasa
  10. Street Fighter Alpha Wariors Dream
  11. Streen Fighter EX2 Plus
  12. Ridge Racer Type 4
  13. GTA 2 (Ripped Version)
  14. Moto Racer 2
  15. Scooby Doo
  16. Driver (RIP)
  17. Sports Car Challenge v1.0.760
  18. Death Racing Pro v1.01
  19. Road Rash
  20. Road Rash 3D
  21. Need For Speed II (NFS2)
  22. Spider-Man
  23. Billiard (PS1)
  24. Die Hard Trilogy
  25. F1 2001
  26. Warlock Defense v1.0
  27. NBA JAM v01.00.38
  28. Basketball Shootout 3D v1.0.5
  29. Slam Dunk Basketball v1.0.5
More information on the games and links to download each game for android above, can be found on any of the links below: