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Celts Civilizations

Wonder Celts
Celts is a civilization that has specialized infantry. They have strong infantry (Woad Raider) although not as strong as Samurai (Japanese) and Jaguar (Aztecs). Woad Raiders can run fast but not as fast as the Eagle Warrior (Aztecs and Mayans), but they can easily defeat them.

If the sheep or turkeys has been his (close to one unit), they can not be taken by another unit (does not change color). Celts do not have Camels (Heavy Camel) like Byzantines but they have Paladin (strongest Cavalry) while not having Bloodlines (hit point upgrade for Cavalry).

The main advantages of Celts Civilizations is on the Siege Workshop units that have most powerful siege weapons in the game Age of Empires II The Conquerors.

Here are some advantages Celts Civilizations:
  1. Infantry move 15% faster
  2. Lumberjacks work 15% faster
  3. Siege weapons fire 20% faster
  4. Sheep not converted if in one Celts unit's line of sight
  5. Unique unit : Elite Woad Raider (Infantry)
  6. Unique Technology : Furor Celtica (Siege Workshop units have 50% hit points)
  7. Team Bonus : Siege Workshop work 20% faster