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Dribble Technique

One factor supporting to win a football competition is the ability to dribble, as well as for the game Pro Evolution Soccer Winning Eleven. A gamer who mastered the dribble technique will completely dominate the game easily, so the game will be wonderful and the victory was easily obtainable. Dribble is a herding technique and playing ball with the feet of the players. Techniques used to keep the ball dribble and outwit opponents. Try to master it by pressing the keypad direction (left analog).

Whatever formation you employ in the game will not work properly without the correct mastery dribble.Dribble technique on the Winning Eleven is very easy and fun. Why? We will feel comforted by the beauty of our great dribble. Agree? Remember that the dribble has a fundamental role for gamers because they will not be satisfied with the monotonous style of play and primitive.

See the example of fighting techniques under the direction of your opponent.

Winning-eleven-1  Winning Eleven-2

Do to dribble the ball the opposite direction of the opponent. White arrow is the direction of movement you have to do and the red arrow is the direction of your opponent. Thus one step so that the opponent will instantly have the ball in the stands behind it. This maneuver is very effective and accurate way to outwit your opponent.If the opponent moves to the right, then you must bring the ball to the left quickly (See the white and red arrow).

Try all movements below to practice your dribble skill.
  1. When dealing directly with the position of one on one, press R2 a few times (R2 ... R2 ... R2 ...,) or press and hold R2 L3 button while moving in the direction you like (R2 + L3). This technique is useful to distract the opponent.
  2. When dribbling, turn the R3 (right analog). This technique is also useful to fool your opponent facing from the front with a stylish spin.
  3. While dribbling press L1 or R2 a few times. (L1 ... L1 ... L1 ...,). Dribling technique is useful to deceive the opponent, can also be used for showing off (lol).
  4. To perform accurate crossing, press and hold L1 and press O (L1 + O). Crossing can be done from any direction. This technique is very effective for the ball to the striker who already exist near the opponent's penalty box and go directly by pressing the "box" towards the opposing goal.
  5. The scam technique. Give the ball to one player, before the ball up in the player, press and hold R1, then automatically the player will not receive the ball but let the ball pass between his legs and other player who in behind the player will get the ball, if no player who passed behind him, he is going to go after her the ball. This technique is very effective to pass the ball to our players who taped the opposing player.