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Cheat of Age of Empires II The Conquerors

Age of Empires II The Conquerors
For fans of strategy games AOE II The Conquerors, sometimes want a quick game, in this case the players do not need to bother to gather resources (food, wood, stone, and gold) but want to direct war against the enemy. For this purpose they usually take type game : Death Match.

In addition, players also wish their civilization and forces have an advanced power (full upgrade). For this purpose, they usually chooses Starting Age : Post-Imperial Age which all power and all the technology has been upgraded.

Both of these things actually are also performed by novice players of Age of Empires II the Conquerors, because they are more interested in studying the methods of direct war against the enemy before learning how to collect good resources as demanded by a strategy game.

Besides the players can adjust the game options, the problem can also be done using a cheat Age of Empires II The Conquerors. This is because the cheat can be used anytime during play time.

This cheat is actually a special code that has previously been programmed by the creators of the game. In the game AOE II Conquerors, cheat is a word or phrase that is written as well as chat with other players while playing. Every cheat code has each function that is associated with increased resources, associated with building speed, and so forth. Here are some common cheat of Age of Empires II The Conquerors.

Add 1000 Wood LUMBERJACK
Add 1000 Gold ROBIN HOOD
Add 1000 Stone ROCK ON
Quick Build AEGIS
Reveal Map MARCO
Remove all Shadows and see all opponents POLO
Animal Control except birds NATURAL WONDERS
Create unique villager (Need Town Center) I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD
Create cobra car (Need Town Center) HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON
Destroy an enemy base on the number # TORPEDO#
Win The Game (Single Player Only) I R WINNER
Create a Petard (Need Town Center) TO SMITHEREENS