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Plants Vs Zombies 2

Plants Vs Zombies 2
Games Plant Vs Zombies 2 is an improvement over the previous game (Plant Vs Zombies 1). In the second version, players can create characters zombies as they wish with the options provided. The rules of Plant VS Zombies 2 is exactly same as the previous version where players must be able to withstand the zombies walk in a certain path to the limit, so the zombies can not get into the house and eat the brain.

The primary key of the game is a collection of sun early in the game. Players have to be good as soon as possible to collect sunlight in order to grow crops that can shoot or destroy zombies. The more sunlight is collected at the beginning of the game, the more quickly the defense can be built. One important thing, do not get too focused collect sunlight but also note that appeared Zombies. Create a balance between the collection of sunlight and plant-crushing Zombies. At the beginning of the game you should plant a crop of low-cost crushing zombies (requires a little amount of sunlight).

There are five game modes in Plants Vs Zombies yatiu: Adventure, Mini-Games, Puzzle, Survival, and Zen Garden. Each game mode has a special feature that is different from the other game modes.

  1. Adventure
    Adventure mode is the primary mode of Plants vs. Zombies, pitting you and your planting prowess against the hordes of the undead who hunger for both your brains and your real estate. In this mode, Zombie attacks come in five stages of 10 levels.

  2. Mini-Games
    Mini-games are unlocked once you receive the present in the middle of level 3-2 in Adventure mode. Access the mini-games by clicking the "Mini-Games" button on the Main Menu gravestone.
    When you first unlock the mode, only three mini-games can be played. Once you complete Adventure mode, the remaining mini-games become available but are locked. Each time you finish a mini-game, a new one is unlocked.

    There are twenty mini-games in total. They are: ZomBotany, Wall-nut Bowling, Slot Machine, It's Raining Seeds, Beghouled, Invisi-ghoul, Seeing Stars, Zombiquarium, Beghouled Twist, Big Trouble Little Zombie, Portal Combat, Column Like You See 'Em, Bobsled Bonanza, Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick, Whack a Zombie, Last Stand, ZomBotany 2, Wall-nut Bowling 2, Pogo Party, and Dr. Zomboss's Revenge.

    You receive a diamond ($1000) for each mini-game you complete. Mini-games can be replayed at any time; completing them again awards 5 gold coins ($250) each time. Each time you play a mini-game, there is also a chance zombies will drop plants for your Zen Garden.

  3. Puzzle
    Puzzle mode is unlocked once you receive the present in the middle of level 4-6 in Adventure mode. Access the puzzles by clicking the "Puzzle" button on the Main Menu gravestone. There are two kinds of puzzle: Vasebreaker and I, Zombie.

    In Vasebreaker, your lawn is filled with varying numbers of vases. Break the vases to reveal either plants or zombies, then use the plants to destroy the zombies. There are ten Vasebreaker levels. They are: Vasebreaker, To the Left, Third Vase, Chain Reaction, M is for Metal, Scary Potter, Hokey Pokey, Another Chain Reaction, Ace of Vase and Vasebreaker Endless. You receive 5 gold coins ($250) for each Vasebreaker level you complete. Subsequent completions earn 2 gold coins ($100).

  4. Survival
    Survival mode is unlocked once you complete Adventure mode. Access Survival mode by clicking the "Survival" button on the Main Menu gravestone. In Survival mode you must fight off zombie waves of ever-increasing difficulty. After each wave or "flag" you are given the opportunity to re-choose your plants to bolster your defense.

     There are 11 survival levels. They are:
    1. Survival: Day
    2. Survival: Night
    3. Survival: Pool
    4. Survival: Fog
    5. Survival: Roof
    6. Survival: Day (Hard)
    7. Survival: Night (Hard)
    8. Survival: Pool (Hard)
    9. Survival: Fog (Hard)
    10. Survival: Roof (Hard)
    11. Survival: Pool (Endless)

    Regular Survival levels are 5 flags, hard Survival levels are 10 flags, and the Endless Survival level is as many flags as you can manage. You receive a diamond ($1000) for each Survival level you complete. Subsequent completions earn 5 gold coins ($250).

  5. Zen Garden
    Zen Garden is unlocked once you complete level 5-4 in Adventure mode. Access the Zen Garden by clicking the "Zen Garden" watering can on the Main Menu.

    Zen Garden is a stress-free mode where you store the various plant gifts you receive while replaying Adventure mode or playing the Mini-game, Puzzle or Survival modes. Keep your plants happy by watering them, fertilizing them, spraying them for bugs and playing music for them. If your plants are happy, they will spit out coins. As you earn more money you can buy more plants as well as treats for your plants and Zen Garden additions that allow you to display your nighttime and aquatic plant collection.

    Once you buy the Tree of Wisdom from Crazy Dave's Shop, you can access it from the Zen Garden. The Tree of Wisdom offers helpful game hints and sage, botanical advice on living.
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