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Plants Vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies
Plants VS Zombies is a type tower defense game like Kingdom Rush. It was developed and published at the first time by PopCap Game on May 5, 2009. Plants Vs Zombies which was designed by George Fan can be played on any platforms and on any devices such as Microsoft Windows, Mac Os, Android, iPad, iPhone/Pod Touch, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone 7, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Play Station, XBox 360 and Xbox LIVE.

There are battle 26 types of zombies with 49 zombie-zapping plants. In This game players must place plants and fungi to stop a horde of zombies from eating the brains of the residents. There are different type of plants and fungi which each has own unique offensive or defensive capabilities. The playing field is divided into a number of horizontal lanes, and with rare exceptions, a zombie will only move towards the player's house along one lane (the main exception is if it has taken a bite out of a garlic). Most plants can only attack or defend against zombies in the lane they are planted in. In later levels, players can purchase upgrades so as to adapt their lawn mower to new environments like pools or rooftops. (Wikipedia)

Players will be the winner if none of zombies coming to the homeowner and instead the player will lose if a zombie can get into the house and eat the brain. This is where players have to think how to win easily. To play Plants VS Zombies is not as difficult as Crussader Stronghold game or Age of Empires II The Conquerors that require careful strtategi. In this game, players just have to grow plants and fungi that have been previously selected in accordance with their respective prices.

There are some zombie hordes in every round were divided into innings. Zombies capability is increasing and more and more on each round. Thing that must be considered by player is the amount of sunlight as a source of power or price. Sun light will automatically come out any time, Planting sunflowers to accelerate the birth of the sun.

Plants vs. Zombies can be played offline or online. If you intend to play this game online can directly visit PopCap Games. But if you prefer to play this game offline on your PC, you can buy it at a price of $ 19.95 or by downloading the trial version which can be played for 60 minutes.

There are several modes or types of games on Plants Vs Zombies are Adventure, Mini-Games, Puzzle, and Survival. Players can upgrade the plant, fungus, or other equipment by going to the Shop menu. For example sunflower (50 points of sunlight) if upgraded will produce two suns (150 point of sunlight).

21 Tips and Hints of Kingdom Rush

Below are twenty-one tips and hints that you should learn when you play Kingdom Rush game to easily block the enemy so that you can win the game.
  1. Enemies and soldier with armor receives less damage
  2. Support Barracks with range Towers to maximize enemy exposure
  3. Reinforcements are a great way to split enemy forces
  4. Artillery works best against high concentration of enemies
  5. Artillery damage is highest in the center of the explosion 
  6. Use Reinforcements constantly to slow and damage the enemy
  7. Always aim rain of fire a little ahead of your target
  8. With the Salvage upgrade you can sell Archer Towers with on of 10% of lost
  9. Magic damage is the best way to deal with armored enemies
  10. Flying enemies can not be blocked by barracks and won't be targeted by most Artillery
  11. Enemies with magic resistance receive less damage from magic attack
  12. Adjust the Rally point of Soldiers to create better strategies
  13. Sometime it is better to build more Towers instead of upgrading a few
  14. Poison damage ignores armor
  15. Upgrading Barracks instantly trains new Soldiers
  16. Calling an early wave gives bonus cash and reduce spell cooldown a bit
  17. Artillery Explosion can damage flying enemies although they can not target them directly
  18. Use Barracks or Reinforcements to isolate troublesome enemies
  19. Barbarians with the right upgrades are capable of dealing flying enemies
  20. Earth elemental are very tough and deal area damage every time they strike
  21. You can uses key [1] and key [2] to select spells

Kingdom Rush Maps

Kingdom Rush Maps
Each level of Kingdom Rush game provided a different map with different locations to build forces (Barracks, Towers, Wizards, and Artillery). Among Kingdom Rush maps are one way, the fork way (with intersections), and the circle towards one direction with the branches, so that the enemy can come out from different places. In addition, there is a map that has a road and caves so when the enemies entered the cave, then they will come out of the other cave.

Atmosphere sights on any map in Kingdom Rush also differ as forest with lots of trees, snow, and a volcano. The following are Kingdom Rush's maps that you will find when playing it:
Kingdom Rush Maps
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Kingdom Rush Upgrades

Kingdom Rush Upgrades
When we play Kingdom Rush, enemy troop strength continues to increase, including the endurance and the attacking troops. In addition, their shapes and their names are also different and should be hamstrung by different methods.

So use the right techniques of war with an effective force that the enemy does not get past the allowed boundaries. Not appropriate if the bats were confronted with Paladin, otherwise if troops from barracks are upgraded to Throwing Axe Man, it can be used against flying bats or other flying enemy forces. Similarly to other forces which are effective only if confronted with magic (not by force arrows on the tower). Therefore, so that we can upgrade the troops, we should use the points available to the right in order to strengthen the forces required.

Here are descriptions of six items that can upgrade on Kingdom Rush game :  Towers, Barracks, Wizards, Artillery, Meterors, and Farmers (Reinforcements). Each of these items has five levels of upgrades with a certain amount of points.

Tower (Archer Tower)
  1. Salvage (1 point)
    Marksmen Towers returns 90% of value when sold.
  2. Eagle Eyes (1 point)
    Increases Marksmen attack range
  3. Piercing Shots (2 points)
    Piercing Shots ignore a portion of the enemy's physical armor
  4. Far Shots (2 points)
    Increases Marksmen attack range
  5. Precision (3 points)
    Marksmen attack have a chance of dealing double damage
  1. Toughness Training (1 point)
    Barracks train soldiers with more health
  2. Better Armor (1 point)
    Barracks train soldiers with improved armor
  3. Improved Deployment ( 2 points)
    Increases rally point range and reduces soldier training time
  4. Endurance Training ( 2 points)
    Barracks train soldiers with even more health
  5. Spiked Armor (3 point)
    When attacked, soldiers spiked armor return A% of the damage received to the attackers (this upgrade also affects Reinforcements)
Wizards (Mages)
  1. Spell Reach (1 point)
    Increases Wizard's attack range
  2. Arcane Shatter (1 point)
    Magic attack destroy a portion of enemy physical armor on every hit
  3. Hermetic Study (2 points)
    Mage towers construction and upgrading costs are reduced by 10% 
  4. Empowered Magic (2 points)
    Increases Wizard's attack damage
  5. Slow Curse (3 points)
    Magic attack slows enemies by half their speed for a moment
Artillery (Dwarven Bombard)
  1. Concentrated Fire ( 1point)
    Increases Artillery attack damage
  2. Range Finder (1 point)
    Increases Artillery attack range
  3. Field Logistic (3 point)
    Artillery construction and upgrading costs are reduced by 10%
  4. Industrialization (3 point)
    Artillery special abilities costs are reduced by 25%
  5. Smart Targeting (3 points)
    Artillery Suffer no reduction of splash and chain lighting damage
Meteor (Fire from Sky)
  1. Blazing Skies (1 point)
    Adds 2 additional meteors and increases meteor damage
  2. Scorched Earth (1 point)
    Meteor set the ground on fire burning enemies over it for 5 seconds
  3. The Fast and Furious (2 points)
    Increasing meteor damage, explosion radius by 25%, and reduce cooldown by 10 seconds
  4. Blazing Earth (2 points)
    Double damage and duration of scorched earth and reduced cooldown by 10 seconds
  5. Cataclysm (3 points)
    Increasing meteor damage and rains additional meteors at random locations all over the battlefield
 Farmers (Reinforcements)
  1. Well Fed ( 2 points)
    Well Fed Farmers have additional health and deal a little more damage
  2. Conscripts (3 points)
    Conscripts have more health and are better equipped
  3. Warriors (3 points)
    Warriors have even more health and are excellently equipped
  4. Legionnaires (3 points)
    Legionnaires have and wear the best equipment
  5. Spear Throw (4 points)
    Gives Legionnaires a spear throw attack that cat target ground and flying enemies

Tips and Tricks Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush
Fans of Kingdom Rush game created by Game Studio with Ironhide is increasing. This tower defense game is very unique and interesting to play. The main goal of the game is to prevent the enemy consisting of hordes of orcs, trolls, evil witches and other evil demons beyond the marked area. If a predetermined number of enemies over the edge, then the player declared lost, and conversely if it managed to hold them until the last enemy, then the player wins (victory) and is declared ready to proceed to the next level.

Kingdom Rush can be played offline and online, even now can be played via the Smartphone. If you play it offline then you can not save the game unless the cookies are not deleted on your computer. Otherwise, if the game is played online then you can save the game according to the level achieved while playing with the terms notified in advance must register at the official site. If you are interested to play this game online may go directly to At a certain level you can not continue the game to the next level unless you become a premium member.

Kingdom Rush game graphics look quite good and its loading fast enough. Although this armor game is quite simple and looks easy to play, but at the next levels require a good tactic and strategy in order to win the whole level.

There is no "Game Over" in this game so players can repeat the same level with different tactics. Here are some tips and tricks playing Kingdom Rush.
  1. Note the instructions and the hints that appear during play. The hints explain what the enemy to be destroyed and will be effective at what the troops were attacked by. The hints will appear when there is a new kind of enemy troops.
  2. Determine what the most appropriate forces to fight the enemy. Example to counter flying enemy like bats, the tower is the most appropriate choice.
  3. If at a certain level there is no tower, then you can make baracks then upgrade the troops in the barracks became Throwing Axe Man
  4. To be effective, think about priorities, which is more important? Upgrade the troops or build a new army?
  5. Call Reinforcements to confront the enemy in order to get more time to survive. Reinforcements will appear every 10 seconds.
  6. Use Rain of Fire that will appear every 80 second to blast your enemies with fire and brimstone from the skies. It is the best saved to use on an emergency or a great opportunity since it has a very  long coll down.
  7. Navigate troops from barracks to the right place by right-clicking and then place a blue flag at the site.
  8. Place the troops from barracks and reinforcements in advance of Tower or the tower range, so it will be stronger because the enemy forces who are against the forces from barracks would also come under attack from the tower.