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Tips and Tricks Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush
Fans of Kingdom Rush game created by Game Studio with Ironhide is increasing. This tower defense game is very unique and interesting to play. The main goal of the game is to prevent the enemy consisting of hordes of orcs, trolls, evil witches and other evil demons beyond the marked area. If a predetermined number of enemies over the edge, then the player declared lost, and conversely if it managed to hold them until the last enemy, then the player wins (victory) and is declared ready to proceed to the next level.

Kingdom Rush can be played offline and online, even now can be played via the Smartphone. If you play it offline then you can not save the game unless the cookies are not deleted on your computer. Otherwise, if the game is played online then you can save the game according to the level achieved while playing with the terms notified in advance must register at the official site. If you are interested to play this game online may go directly to At a certain level you can not continue the game to the next level unless you become a premium member.

Kingdom Rush game graphics look quite good and its loading fast enough. Although this armor game is quite simple and looks easy to play, but at the next levels require a good tactic and strategy in order to win the whole level.

There is no "Game Over" in this game so players can repeat the same level with different tactics. Here are some tips and tricks playing Kingdom Rush.
  1. Note the instructions and the hints that appear during play. The hints explain what the enemy to be destroyed and will be effective at what the troops were attacked by. The hints will appear when there is a new kind of enemy troops.
  2. Determine what the most appropriate forces to fight the enemy. Example to counter flying enemy like bats, the tower is the most appropriate choice.
  3. If at a certain level there is no tower, then you can make baracks then upgrade the troops in the barracks became Throwing Axe Man
  4. To be effective, think about priorities, which is more important? Upgrade the troops or build a new army?
  5. Call Reinforcements to confront the enemy in order to get more time to survive. Reinforcements will appear every 10 seconds.
  6. Use Rain of Fire that will appear every 80 second to blast your enemies with fire and brimstone from the skies. It is the best saved to use on an emergency or a great opportunity since it has a very  long coll down.
  7. Navigate troops from barracks to the right place by right-clicking and then place a blue flag at the site.
  8. Place the troops from barracks and reinforcements in advance of Tower or the tower range, so it will be stronger because the enemy forces who are against the forces from barracks would also come under attack from the tower.