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Bascketball PC Game NBA Live 08

This Basketball PC game has more features which can give the new reality in your home. If you love watching basketball competitions on television, now you can plunge into a part of basketball team through a Basketball game NBA Live 08. You can set the style of each player and do the style of movement as a world-class professional basketball player who can make all audience stand up watching your skill.

You can improve your game by changing skill attributes quickly. Use Create-A-Player to design an unstoppable baller - Choose from thousands of customizable options, including hair styles, body types, and the latest gear.

Basketball PC Game

NBA Live 08 is a revolutionary basketball game that comes with ultra-realistic players motion and emotion. Through this game you can show your skills such as do the Slam Dunk and 3 Points Shootout. NBA Live 08 was released for the Windows, Wii, PlayStation (PS) and PlayStation Portable. This is the first NBA video game to include all three next-generation consoles. It was the last NBA Live game for the Windows platform.

This NBA LIVE 08 video showcases one of the most fluid and realistic 5-on-5 basketball games ever. See some of the best players in the NBA put their skills on display with enhanced shooting, passing, and rebounding engines.