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Tetris Games

Tetris game has long been recognized, even arguably timeless game that is still loved by people since the days of Nintendo. The game is simple enough that cleared the boxes with a certain shape so neat at the bottom of the game window. If the left end of a line is connected to the right end on the same line without any limits (without a break), the boxes will disappear. This condition is a point or score for the players.

Tetris is a puzzle game first building designed by Alexey Pajitnov in June 1985, when it was, he was still working at the Computer Center Dorodnicyn in the USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Tetris name itself is taken from the Greek numerical language, namely tetra which means four. Four itself is the sheer number of beam arrangement that can be changed into different shapes to further prepared by each of the players to be locked.

Tetris game or other games like that found in almost every video game consoles and personal computers, as well as on other devices such as calculators, cell phones, portable media players, PDA, and other gadgets. Although permianan Tetris appeared mostly in home computers, this game is more successful on the Gameboy version was released in 1989 which makes it the most popular game of all time. Electronic Gaming Monthly news on the 100th, Tetris was the first place in "Best Games of All Time". In 2007, Tetris came in second in the "100 Best Games of All Time" by IGN.

In the game, various tetromino consists of four blocks will fall. The purpose of this game is to manipulate the falling tetromino, with mengerakannya sideways or rotate, so it will form a horizontal line with no gaps, when it was formed, the tetromino will disappear, so tetromino on it will fall. As the game continues, the tetromino will fall faster. The game will end when the next tetromino blocked so it can not enter.

Tetris players can rotate the item box to the bottom boundary before conceived and properly trimmed. Players also can expedite the item box to reach the limits of the game window to immediately get a score. The more boxes that can be arranged in a certain time, the greater the score obtained so that the level of players has increased rapidly.

Tetris game is no longer archaic because now various variations of Tetris was made ​​more enjoyable. In addition to its features that continue to grow, can be played by two players, and can also be played online from different places. This is what makes the increasingly popular Tetris game. Now with easy anyone can play this game through online games site or through Facebook, social networking is quite famous in the world. While discussions on social networking, we can play a game of Tetris to eliminate setres and saturation.

Although it requires thought but not too heavy like a strategy game Age of Empires. Tetris also require calculations but do not like the game Angry Bird that require set power and angle accuracy. Tetris also need the speed but not as hard as racing games. Tetris game is designed to be fun and still easily playable by anyone with no age limit.