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Best Smartphone in The World

The development of information technology and telecommunications prompted many companies to improve the quality and quantity of goods produced. This is certainly in accordance with market demand and to compensate for the technology. Many smartphone companies that continue to innovate and develop models of the new features on smartphones made the company. They typically buy a smartphone as needed, but not uncommon for people who want to have the best smartphone in the world, at any price.

However, the sophistication of smartphones that exist today sometimes confusing consumers. They should carefully select and buy the smartphone is best suited to their needs. Well-known brands and companies are usually a measure of quality, but now new brand of some smartphones can attract the attention of consumers because it is supported by new models and features.

In the year 2013 it seems a lot of sophisticated smartphone that comes with all the reliable features of each manufacturer. Various methods they do to spoil the prospective buyers. Starting from the standard feature until the feature is arguably the latest technology they pinned inside smartphones. Now consumers must be smart to choose, which is better as the best smartphone.

The popularity of a smartphone can be different in each country, it is influenced by many factors such as the availability of goods, advertising, feature requirements, and environmental influences such as the use of smartphones by artists, officials, and celebrities in the country. However, any smartphone that is used should meet your needs at that time.

Samsung Galaxy S IV
At the beginning of the year Samsung again surprise the world with the introduction of the latest mobile phones, the Samsung Galaxy S IV who finished first best smartphone in the world this year. There are several things that make this phone to be the top. Some of these include the following:
  1. It has a display of the highest quality as well as full HD. Also, comes with Corning Gorilla Glass protection 3.
  2. It has two high quality camera with maximum support. Coupled also with some new features are pinned on the Samsung Galaxy S Samsung IV that no other mobile phone.
  3. The highest performance to date version of the Benchmark assessment.
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5 is in the second place that has best-in-class design and has maximum protection. On the performance shown, the iPhone 5 also has a very maximum performance. Although there are some features that are not too up, its like a folder, do not make the iPhone 5 a heap.

Sony Xperia Z
At the initial appearance, the Sony Xperia Z occupies the highest benchmark, before it is shifted by a new mobile phone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Some innovations are presented Sony on Sony Xperia Z is like water resistant and dust resistant. In addition, support for multimedia, performance, and the screen is also very maximum of the highest quality.

HTC is one of the phones that could be considered very reliable in its class that includes the best smartphones in the world. Best HTC innovation that is implemented on the HTC One is a camera that features Ultrapiksel is not owned any phone. The concept of this camera is the optical image stabilization. Although 4MP camera, but it can be compared with a 13MP camera class. Also, on performance, can not be doubted, because HTC has a maximum performance with the quad-core 1.7GHz processor and 2GB RAM

In your opinion, what is the best smartphone in the world today?