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GameRanger Registration

What is GameRanger?
GameRanger is a program that can connect a lot of games to play online anytime, anywhere via a PC. Through GameRanger you can play your favorite game with your friends around the world, you also can chat privately or in a group that can be made instantaneously. Created by Scott Kevill and opened to Mac gaming in 1999, GameRanger is the longest running multiplayer online gaming service on any platform. In 2008, GameRanger expanded into PC gaming receiving widespread enthusiasm and acclaim.

When you login, you will know the following things through the green circle icon:
  1. Your friends are online and have not played a game
  2. Your friends are online and are playing a game
  3. Your friends are online and have opened the group but have not made a game 
  4. Location of your friends or other players 
  5. Who is opening the game group
  6. What type game is being played
  7. Chatting (instant messaging)
  8. In-game voice communication
How to register to GameRanger?

Gameranger Registration

To sign up for Gameranger steps are very easy because at the time of the installation program will automatically perform the registration Gameranger. So to register and create an account, just instrall Gameranger program into your PC. (See "Step by step Gameranger Installation")