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Samsung vs. Apple. Which smartphone would be the best in the world?

Many people already know that Apple's smartphone product quality is very good. Various features and facilities are always developed to please the users around the world, including in America. But now many users are already familiar with smartphones made ​​in China. They began to switch to using Samsung smartphones and other Chinese brands. They began to choose Samsung because in addition equipped modern smartphone features, the price is relatively cheaper.

In certain countries, China-made smartphone users still dominate because the price was relatively cheaper than others and its features are not outdated. It's just that for some products, the quality is lower than other products that are marketed in developed countries like America, but it is obvious that the quality of the product is adjusted for purchasing power of the majority of users. It doesn't mean that the better quality smartphones and more expensive is not marketed in the country, but the numbers are reduced because the user is still small compared to those users who use cheaper products. Many users see only the general functions needed without seeing the reliability and completeness of these features, therefore reasonable for what they buy expensive products if they can do (achieved) by the low-cost smartphone made ​​in China even though the quality is lower.

The thing to note is that China would continue to develop technologies to enhance the features and facilities the smartphone and keep pressure on prices in order to remain cheaper than other brands of smartphones. Not only that, China continues to develop the operating system, supporting software, and parts are expected to be required of the user when repairs if there is damage. This is what should be more attention because it is not impossible for Apple users will switch to Chinese products.

The number of Chinese smartphone company in various countries around the world and online marketing are all factors supporting the marketing and development of China-made smartphone. We know that Apple products have very good quality because it is quite expensive and only affordable to the upper middle class. However, promotion to the middle to lower needs to be done though to make lower quality products that are cheaper.

What do you think, which one will be the best smartphone in the world in the future? Apple or Samsung?